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the romance and excitement alive over time.
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Workshops for Couples


Adventure in Intimacy Workshop for Couples

Learn effective communication skills, and “dissolve” relationship problems at Hedy and Yumi Schleifer’s couples retreat, called the Adventure In Intimacy. The Relational Space is the first of three … [Read More...]

For Couples Therapists

EcCT Video ProgramPurchase & Watch the EcCT Video Program to Receive 10.75 CE hours.


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How to Rebuild Your Life Together After an Affair:

The Journey To Reconnection

Healing After an Affair is a two-day experience developed by Hedy, for the repair of the rupture, in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together. Watch this clip from the newly released AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection video program.

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