Bridging the Gap: the “Third Option”

"Help us!" says one of the sisters to my friend Penny. “The conflictual division that has occurred since the elections has devastated our family emotionally,” says one of 8 sisters in a family where there is a gap in the middle; four sisters voted for Hillary Clinton,...

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The Ten Commandments for Committed Loving Relationships

1 - Honor the Bridge: There is an invisible bridge that connects us to our partner, and this bridge allows us to visit them, and get to know them and “learn" them. Become bi-lingual by learning the language of your partner. 2 - Honor the Space: Our relationship lives...

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The True Encounter Above the “Courage Line!”

"As 'Bridge Builders' our task, now more then ever, is to support each other in shaping a world where the relational space is safe and sacred, where we honor the 'Other,' and where together we create the conditions for the Encounter."  "What is the Encounter?" asks my...

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5 BEST REASONS to join Hedy and Yumi in MONTEREY

We are writing to you in anticipation of our  Adventure In Intimacy workshop for couples in Monterey, California on April 21-23, 2017. Josh Gressel, PhD, who organized our Monterey couples workshop for 12 years, has a very unique perspective on the value of the...

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POWER vs. FORCE: Going High or Going Low

“If you take more than you give, you are forceful.  If you give more than you take, you are powerful” Anonymous I am writing this to you today, January 16, 2017, on Martin Luther King Day, because he was a model of the distinction between being powerful and serving...

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A Chanukah miracle in Whitefish, Montana

"I am standing in my power, and they will not make me a victim,"says my friend, who lives in Whitefish, Montana. I am sitting in my neighborhood cafe on a Thursday morning, December 22, 2016. I am calling my friend because the day before, on Wednesday, December 21, an...

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How to Rebuild Your Life Together After an Affair

Watch this clip from the newly released AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection video program.

“Healing After an Affair” is a two-day experience developed by Hedy, for the repair of the rupture, in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together.

Watch Hedy’s TED talk
About the three invisible connectors:
“the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter”