A TRUMP-et and the BLESSING of a Wake Up Call!

Beyond living and dreaming there is something more important: Waking Up.   The Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, reminds us that on a daily basis we cling firmly to “consensus reality.” And then suddenly the forceful sound of a trumpet wakes us up.    ...

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A Time To Say Thank You!

Express your gratitude daily, and watch yourself grow more joyfully relaxed and happy. Research shows that the more you are consciously grateful for each and every blessing in your life, big and small, the happier you become. In this tumultuous time, after the U.S....

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What if America were a couple?

STOP!!!! "Stop!" I say to the couple.  I say it strongly. I say it decisively. I say it emphatically. My hand comes down between them, and I say Stop! What am I stopping? I am stopping 13 minutes of their toughest, most loaded conversation. I want to teach them a...

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Yumi and I are writing to you today to announce that we are entering into a new era of our adventure as presenters of our beloved work. It is an era in which we are looking for "enthusiastic organizers" of our events. We are passionate about transmitting our message....

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Moments of AWE: a Miraculous Emotion

"Leo, look at this sunset!" exclaimed my mother, her voice filled with joy, her face glowing, a radiant smile on her face. She was awe-struck! What was amazing is that my mother had just buried her beloved Leo, her husband of 54 years, my father. We were sitting...

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Hedy teaches how to keep the romance and excitement alive over time. Don’t miss this!

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How to Rebuild Your Life Together After an Affair

Watch this clip from the newly released AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection video program.

“Healing After an Affair” is a two-day experience developed by Hedy, for the repair of the rupture, in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together.

Watch Hedy’s TED talk
About the three invisible connectors:
“the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter”