The Master Class

Advanced Training for Experienced Couples Therapists


About the Program:

The Master Class is an intensive training program that includes “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy” – EcCT – Hedy’s major contribution to the art of working with couples, as well as a great many engaging and pertinent topics of importance to the growth of the skills and effectiveness of Couples Therapists. Details are available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Above all, Hedy will teach you how to create “presence” in yourself and in your couples. She will assist you in freeing blocked energy that is embedded in any of your own and your couples’ survival patterns, whether semiconscious and/or unconscious.

Participants will receive:

  • Six five-day group sessions spread over three years
  • Five two-hour teleconferences with Hedy between sessions
  • Access to a private online community website
  • Additional teachings that Hedy will offer to the group throughout the time together, based on need, and new learnings that are appropriate for this class.
  • Scholarships toward attendance at the Adventure In Intimacy workshop, EcCT three-day training, or any other Tikkun Learning Center training during the three-year Master Class.
  • Special placement of participant contact information in three sections of the website; and personal referrals of couples looking for a therapist in their area.
  • Copies of all video and audio programs and other relational products currently being sold by the Tikkun Learning Center
  • 35 CEUs for each 5-day session, approved by the APA, ASWB, NBCC and the California BBS, and available to Mental Health practitioners, Clinical Social Workers, Family and Marriage Therapists, and Psychologists
  • Program materials

~ Yosi Kan
The master class was an amazing experience to meet colleges from all over the world and practice the ECCT method with them.
~ Jack Hardman
"It has been very rewarding to see first hand what a wonderful therapist my wife has become and how much better she is as a result of this work. My message to spouses and partners–YOU CAN NOT AFFORD NOT TO GO!!"
~ Lone Algot Jeppesen
"I am so greatfull and happy that the Master Class has entered the world – and that I and my husbond – both dedicated couples therapists – could be on that journey."
~Hadas Kan
I can say truly that during my participation in the Master class, my life began anew from session to session, another door opened in my life, on both a professional and personal level.
~Mary Kay Cocharo
My time in the Master Class with Hedy has been transformational, both personally and professionally.

There are prerequisites and requirements for applying for the Master Class. All of that information, along with the fee for the program, how to apply, and how to get other questions answered is available in our FAQs.

It is Hedy’s genuine desire to work in a group setting, gathering kindred spirits, who feel called to a path towards assisting couples in their own journey towards connected living, and relational maturity. This, Hedy believes, is essential to how we will transform our world. If you are seeking to work in-depth in order to grow your own relational maturity, and help others on the road, you will find this Master Class a unique opportunity. Every six months for three years you will give yourself a time for profound personal development and professional growth.

If you apply and are accepted into this program, it is with the understanding that you are willing and ready to take steps at your growth edge as a therapist and as a person, and that you are committed to the evolution of your own relational intelligence and relational maturity.

It is important to Hedy, that if participating in the Master Class piques your interest, that you be prepared to reveal your greatest, most vital, and passionate potential as a couples therapist.

If this excites you, please review this information for all the details about this amazing and ground-breaking program, and complete an application.

~ Reyhana Seedat
"For me the greatest aspect of the Master Class training was to see Hedy live what she teaches. Hedy showed how one has to cross the bridge and be 100% present for the other to heal. The process of crossing the bridge in totality was mind boggling."
~ Michal Alexander
"The profound learning from the Master Class for me is my own transformation into a relational facilitator & the realization that we can heal in the laboratory of connection as a couple."
~ Joan Childs
"I am using and enjoying the success of all the Master Class has given me. My couples are prospering and give continued thanks and appreciation for all I have helped them achieve."
~ Elahe Mehrel
"I can not begin to count the growth that has resulted for me as a member of the Master class. The personal and professional transformations are visible and have even traveled to far away places with me."
~ Joan Childs
"I have much love and appreciation for the gifts the Master Class has given to me and what I have been able to pass along to my couples, now including mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and all couples."
~ Michal Alexander
"The full body "Yes" in a dialogue, the main square in the neighborhood & stretching the growing edge are the magic touch of my experience. This magic touch I have brought to the couples & as the result the change & transformation is manifested."


Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (EcCT)

From a new and important juncture in her professional life, Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC, founder of the Tikkun Learning Center, made a decision. She decided to “download” the whole program that has revealed itself to her during the 22 years during which she conducted a focused clinical laboratory for her work with couples. The Master Class is the resulting training program which includes everything Hedy found relevant to couples therapy, everything that Hedy would like to “download”, and everything that went into the creation of “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.”

This new method of working with couples is intended to help couples not only reconnect, but also achieve higher relational intelligence and greater relational maturity. EcCT is receiving growing recognition by both therapists and couples who have heard of Hedy’s unique therapeutic skills and methods.


“My approach to couples work is to visualize it as a path to the achievement of higher relational intelligence and greater relational maturity. Over the 22 years of experience in my clinical laboratory, as well as the 47 years of my personal work in the living laboratory of my own marriage, I have come to a new integration of the fabric of everything “relational” that informs me. It has crystallized into a simple concept of the “three invisible connectors”: the Space, the Bridge and the Encounter.

I chose the title “Master Class,” because I want to transmit my work to couples therapists and relationship coaches who want to develop and hone their own mastery in couples work.

I also long to have people take up the torch, and become themselves teachers and mentors of the unique discipline that I am presenting.”

If you are interested in being part of the next three-year Master Class, please complete the form below and we will notify you as soon as the next class is scheduled: