By Kris Ang, Malaysia

What a trip! To call this an adventure is true to every sense of the word! At this journey, eight couples put their trust in [a member] to bring Hedy and Yumi Schleifer to provide a workshop that enables couples to be each other’s best friend, lover and healer. All of us registered for the event not knowing what to expect and we went home with loads of mind-blowing knowledge along with our new spouse!

The workshop was originally to run for three-days. However, knowing all [our] members and spouses to have extremely busy schedules, this event was compressed to two-days. After the first session, all of us felt that we most definitely must invest three days into this retreat.

There are a total of seven rituals for couples to practice and each ritual taught, brought us to a deeper level of understanding towards our spouse and as a group. Every experience touched us in more ways than one, and at the end of each practice every single soul in the room is able to connect at different levels.

It is the most invigorating experience for all and we have learned to look at our spouse in a very different perspective. All the participants bonded so well as if we have been old-time friends all along!

Below are some of the comments from the participants:

  1. The resource has God’s gift in bringing out the issues that is not obvious. Well done! The journey has just began.
  2. Extremely sensitive and expressive. Able to create a safe environment and also to lead us to places where we could not have done so ourselves.
  3. All couples in [our organization] can benefit from Hedy & Yumi. Bring them back again!!
  4. Extraordinary event. It is the BEST take home value event I had attended-ever in and out of [our organization]
  5. Wonderful! Breathtaking discovery.

If you believe strongly about commitment in your marriage
If you are looking for reviving the magic in your marriage
If you know deep down you truly love your spouse
And if you think your marriage is perfect
Then, it’s time…..

Time to take that extra step
Towards an exhilarating, extraordinary, truly defining journey with the Schleifers!