International Experts Increase Corporate “Relational Intelligence”

Miami Beach, August 4.   Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, co-directors of Schleifer+Associates, an international training company specializing in inter-personal relationships located in Miami Beach, have recently returned from Malaysia, where they brought their revolutionary “The Relational Organization” training to three corporations.  While in Malaysia the Schleifers also presented a workshop for couples, “Adventure in Intimacy”, to the Kuala Lumpur chapter of YPO, a prominent international network of CEOs.   

 “The Relational Organization,” is a powerful two-day training for organizations created by the Schleifers. It serves as a clinic for developing the Relational Intelligence of organizations.  “The ability of a group of people to work toward a common goal depends on the quality of their relationships,” says Yumi Schleifer. “We provide organizations with a powerful, user-friendly skill set which fundamentally alters these relationships, increasing creativity, productivity and motivation, and very importantly helping to dissolve conflicts”.

“I am very pleased my team spent two days with Hedy and Yumi. We sure have learned a lot about communication,” exclaimed CK Tan, CEO of Munchworld Marketing in Malaysia. “Yesterday I had a monthly staff meeting with my factory team and I used your methods. Everybody loved it and we had so much fun. Thank you for all and I am looking forward to our next meeting.”

Hedy and Yumi, a husband and wife team of over 40 years are pioneers in the Art of Connection – transforming all types of relationships, from marriages and intimate partnerships to professional and company-peer affiliations. Their powerful and captivating workshops and trainings, held worldwide in English, French, German and Hebrew, not only provide practical information, but also inspire and empower people to embrace their life, work, and relationships with joy and passion.

“The Relational Organization” training mobilizes the collective resources of a company’s staff to affect change in the work environment.  Just a few of the remarkable and inspiring outcomes of this workshop include:

  • a renewed sense of commitment, pride and passion
  • leaders with  sound, relationship-enhancing dialogue and listening skills
  • supervisors who are sources of inspiration for creativity, productivity and renewed energy

After an encounter with Hedy and Yumi, participants experience a revolution in themselves and their organizations allowing them to embark on the road to excellence!

For more information on workshops and trainings, available internationally in English, French, German and Hebrew, call 305-604-0010 or visit