By Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC

Our relationships live in the “relational space” between us

There is an invisible bridge that CONNECTS  us to our partner and that allows us to visit and get to know them.

Our total 100% presence to the other, creates a genuine encounter with them

Our relationship is a small laboratory for the creation of two adults.

Gift your partner with at least 100 small Gestures of Love and Caring every day

Carry a picture in your wallet of your partner as a young child.

Remember 90-10 formula in any conflict: 10% of the energy comes from the present; 90% comes from past frustrations and hurts.

“Incompatibility” is a boost to your relationship!

Transform our point of view from: “The two of us are one and I’m the one!”, to “The two of us are two (individuals) on a joint journey”

Create a safe harbor for the “other”, in order to free our passion.

The mission of committed relationship is to complete the unfinished childhood developmental issues and become relationally mature adults.

When things are very difficult, growth is trying to happen.

Keep the fire going through romance: All day is foreplay.

Make the Divine Presence a partner in your relationship.

With increasing consciousness and intentionality it gets better all the time.

Copyright 1996-2008, Revised April, 2010: Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC. Miami Beach, Florida.
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