The tuition for the Master Class includes:

  • Six five-day group sessions spread over three years
  • Five two-hour teleconferences with Hedy between sessions
  • Access to a private online community website
  • Additional teachings that Hedy may choose to offer to the group throughout the time together, based on need, or new learnings that are appropriate for this class.
  • Scholarships toward attendance at the Adventure In Intimacy workshop, EcCT three-day training, or any other Tikkun Learning Center training during the three-year Master Class.
  • Special placement of participant contact information in three sections of the website; and personal referrals of couples looking for a therapist in their area.
  • Copies of all video and audio programs and other relational products currently being sold by the Tikkun Learning Center
  • 35 CE hours (per 5 day session): The Master Class is approved for 35 Continuing Education Units for mental health counselors, social workers, family and marriage therapists, and psychologists
  • Program materials


The Master Class is intensive and will include the following:

  • Mapping the premises of the Relational Paradigm
  • Exploring the theoretical, clinical and philosophical implications for welcoming couples into their deepest intimacies
  • Exploring couples therapy centered on the meaning and sacredness of the “encounter”
  • There are good couples, solid couples and lasting couples. What is a creative couple?
  • The role of the couples therapist, and his/her use of self in the therapeutic process
  • The process of encouraging couples to discover, welcome, and embrace full aliveness in connection
  • Locating the process of change in the “space-between”
  • Tracking the inter-generational transmission of trauma and intimate connections
  • Exploring the process of accountability and repair in couples
  • Welcoming “otherness” and establishing limbic resonance and regulation between partners
  • Helping couples learn the language of the “other,” thus becoming bi-lingual in order to know how to express emotional intimacy verbally, physically and sexually
  • The language of the body and its profound capacity for emotional expressiveness
  • Emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy: different, similar, the same?
  • The healing process following affairs
  • The role of humor


Above all, Hedy will teach you how to create “presence” in yourself and in your couples. She will assist you in freeing blocked energy that is embedded in any of your own and your couples’ survival patterns, whether semiconscious and/or unconscious.