From a new and important juncture in her professional life, Tikkun Learning Center (TLC) founder Hedy Schleifer made the decision to “download” the whole program that has revealed itself to her during the 22 years in which she has conducted a focused clinical laboratory for her work with couples. The Master Class is the educational program which includes everything Hedy found relevant to couples therapy, everything that Hedy would like to “download”, and everything that went into the creation of what Hedy calls:

“Encounter-centered Couples Therapy” (EcCT).

This method of working with couples is intended to help couples not only reconnect, but also achieve higher relational intelligence and greater relational maturity.


“My approach to couples work is to visualize it as a path to the achievement of higher relational intelligence and greater relational maturity. Over the 22 years of experience in my clinical laboratory, as well as the 47 years of my personal work in the living laboratory of my own marriage, I have come to a new integration of the fabric of everything “relational” that informs me. It has crystallized into a simple concept of the “three invisible connectors”: the Space, the Bridge and the Encounter.

I chose the title “Master Class,” because I want to transmit my work to couples therapists and relationship coaches who want to develop and hone their own mastery in couples work.

I also long to have people take up the torch, and become themselves teachers and mentors of the unique discipline that I will be presenting.”

If you apply and are accepted into this program, it is with the understanding that you are willing and ready to take steps at your growth edge as a therapist/coach and as a person, and that you are committed to the evolution of your own relational intelligence and relational maturity.

It is important that you be interested in revealing your greatest, most vital, and passionate potential as a couples therapist / relationship coach.