The Tikkun Learning Center (TLC) is an educational institution founded in November 2010, and dedicated to the training of couples therapists, relationship coaches, and leaders in organizations.

The vision of the center is the creation of a relational world. TLC sees itself as part of an evolutionary movement toward the development of relational maturity on the planet, through the systematic growth of relational intelligence.

At TLC, we present a variety of programs in the art and science of connection, based in the Relational Paradigm, a ground of being that has the view of human beings as essentially “wired” for connection.

Our work is also based on an integrative framework of theoretical, philosophical and psychological principles which combine many relational modalities.

Founder Hedy Schleifer shares:

“From the time I started to work as a young psychotherapist in 1976, interning at a psychiatric clinic in Tel Aviv, Israel, I saw the work I was doing embedded in a much larger frame, with bigger meaning. I had been raised by my parents in the tradition of Tikkun Olam, the healing and repair of the world. My parents miraculously came back from the Holocaust with a strong spirit of aliveness, and a resolve to instill in their children a commitment to work towards a better world. They spoke to me about Tikkun Olam. And it has been my dream to call the work that I do Tikkun, ever since these first years as a new professional mental health worker in Israel.

In 2003, when I started to weave the relational tapestry that has informed my work over the years into an integrative framework, I knew that the name I would give the new trainings I was in the process of designing would be, indeed, Tikkun. I realized then that what I am teaching comes not only from the theories and the philosophies that have inspired me, but also from the experiences of my whole life. Some of the deepest learnings for me have come from the volunteer work I have done with indigent families, with families of soldiers missing in action, with Jews, Christians and Moslems wanting to dialogue for a better Middle East, and with fellow breast cancer adventurers. And maybe the most important lessons I have learned come from the 48 years of marriage to my husband Yumi Schleifer.

While Yumi and I continue to do the joint work we started twenty years ago, teaching couples around the world, the Tikkun Learning Center is specifically dedicated to the education of therapists, coaches and organizational leaders. It is intended to create an international cadre of professionals, with a passionate dedication to increased relational maturity in the world.”