This is a program designed for experienced couples therapists and relationship coaches.


“It is my genuine desire to work in a group setting, gathering kindred spirits, who feel called to a path towards assisting couples in their own journey towards connected living, and relational maturity. This, I believe, is essential to how we will transform our world. If you are seeking to work in-depth in order to grow your own relational maturity, and help others on the road, you will find this Master Class a unique opportunity. Every six months for three years you will give yourself a time for profound spiritual enrichment and professional growth.

To do this work effectively, I must believe that you have the maturity and the willingness to be challenged to examine those areas where ego may undermine your own fullest potential, as well as areas where you may give away your power, or may be less than open to stretch into new behavior.”

Among the elements forming the foundation of the work in the Master Class is one of honoring the space between us through mutual respect. The potential of the work that you will be doing is dictated not only by what you do, but by “the field” in which you do it.

It is through the depth and integrity of your commitment to be in relationship to yourself, to Hedy as the group’s leader, and to the group of people who will gather and will be sharing a similar desire and intent, that the strength of the program will reveal itself.

Therefore in the journey that the Master Class participants will be taking together, Hedy will be demanding the highest degree of openness and self-honesty, as you look in the mirror of each other’s lives. Participants will work so that they can objectively know themselves, and thereby engage with the couples they are working with from a place of clarity, power and humility.

The intention that Hedy has, is that each of you grows your “presence muscle,” and learns to sustain a deeper presence from your own source. This means taking responsibility throughout each day to maintain a level of presence and attention and intentionality, whether in session or free time, so that the whole time is consecrated to growing your consciousness in connection.


“I also intend for the Master Class to be a way for the participants to grow their “commitment muscle,” to themselves and to the group.  Just as I see marriage and life partnership as a covenant, I see the commitment to this class as a covenant with yourself to stay the course. The program requires you to open yourself to yourself, to me, and to the group, so that together we are bringing the teaching to every aspect of your life. The program over the three years is meant to facilitate major professional development, true relational transformation and fundamental personal change in the participants.”