Locally based, international teachers of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy to host three-day couples workshop at Miami Airport Marriott, October 28 – 30, 2011

(MIAMI, Fla.) September 12, 2011 – Hedy and Yumi Schleifer (https://www.hedyyumi.com), international relationship builders and trainers, have announced that they will host the ‘Adventure In Intimacy’ couples workshop at the Miami Airport Marriot, located at 1201 NW Le Jeune Road, Miami, FL 33126, from Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30. The three-day class teaches seven basic principles and seven essential skills, guiding couples on rebooting their relationship, reconnecting more deeply while rediscovering the joy and passion of being together. Registration is now open for the workshop.

 “As an executive coach, this workshop sharpened my ability to impress upon company leaders how to build powerful, dynamic relationships. As a husband, it equipped me with insightful tools to take the relationship with my wife to a deeper level of intimacy,” Stephen Fairley, president of Today’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., reflects on the ‘Adventure In Intimacy’ workshop.

‘Adventure in Intimacy’ introduces couples to Hedy and Yumi’s conceptualization of the “Three Invisible Connectors”: the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter – the relational fabric that connects all systems. Hedy and Yumi teach couples to be consciously present with each other.  Through witnessing the power of the safe space that Hedy and Yumi create, couples learn to listen and communicate with their partners at a much higher level.

“The Adventure In Intimacy workshop is a powerful experience for couples that creates a shift in their Relational Intelligence, enabling them to see one another with new eyes,” Hedy and Yumi explain. “Through discovering the “Three Invisible Connectors,” couples become empowered with the knowledge to truly connect with each other. The relational tools we teach continue to transform the way couples of all ages and backgrounds relate to, understand, and connect with their partners.”

With more than 45 years of marriage and over 50 years of combined experience teaching relational skills and technologies, Hedy and Yumi train couples, therapists and coaches, leaders and organizations in developing their Relational Intelligence towards Relational Maturity. Hedy and Yumi’s approach is a synergetic integration of the philosophy of Martin Buber, Imago Relationship Theory (which they taught globally for 15 years), Appreciative Inquiry, Relational Neurobiology, and the experience from their own marriage, and from their Judaic heritage.

“I had a very powerful, unexpected, life changing ‘ah ha’ experience during the workshop, which Hedy gently guided me through,” Sharon Cappellazo, a past attendee, explains. “Hedy and Yumi’s workshop gives you the tools to have a successful and loving relationship. They create a safe positive atmosphere and teach you how to take it home.”

‘Adventure In Intimacy’ is one of three “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy” workshops Hedy and Yumi teach, including “The Art of Cherishment” and “The Art of Sexual Connection.” Additionally, Hedy is available for customized, two-day private sessions for couples which include “Connection Quest,” “Constructive Closure,” and “Healing After an Affair.”

Hedy and Yumi’s upcoming ‘Adventure In Intimacy’ workshop is $995 per couple; couples may register with a $200 deposit. Previous graduates of the ‘Adventure In Intimacy’ workshop may attend for $795 per couple. Couples are encouraged to stay at the Miami Airport Marriot, even if they live locally, to receive the full value of the training and experience the atmosphere of the retreat.

Hedy and Yumi will make their second appearance on The Balancing Act morning show on Lifetime Television on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. After appearing on The Balancing Act earlier this year, the show invited Hedy and Yumi to return to share their relational knowledge with their viewers.

For additional information on Hedy and Yumi’s ‘Adventure In Intimacy’ workshop, visit https://www.hedyyumi.com/couples/workshops/adventure-in-intimacy/. For more information on Hedy and Yumi’s upcoming events, visit their calendar .

About Hedy + Yumi

Hedy and Yumi Schleifer are world renowned relationship builders, teaching couples, therapists, leaders, and organizations the concept of the “Three Invisible Connectors”: the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter. Married for over 45 years and successful business partners for more than 20 years, Hedy and Yumi are a living example of the relational maturity achieved through the relational skills and technologies that they teach. Speaking English, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish and Yiddish, they regularly host workshops, trainings, and private sessions throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, bringing their expertise in relationships to people all over the world. For more information on Hedy and Yumi, visit https://www.hedyyumi.com or follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/hedyandyumi.



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