When Hedy was teaching Imago Relationship Theory and Therapy, the model that she was presenting was continuously evolving. New metaphors were put in place. A different focus emerged. Then she began to teach the unfolding model as Tikkun. Tikkun is the Hebrew word for the fusion of healing, repair, transformation and completion. As she continued to develop ideas through observations in her couples laboratory, the crystallization of her work was birthed: the “three invisible connectors”: the Space – the Bridge – and the Encounter.  Just then she was invited to present a TED talk in Israel, and she was given the opportunity to “essentialize” her work in 18 minutes. As she continued to study couples with these fundamentals in place, the name of the couples therapy she is now teaching revealed itself: “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.”

This revelation coincided with putting the finishing touches on a professional video package of her work. The DVD set will be a training tool with ten parts, following Hedy’s work during the two-day Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive session with a couple.  EcCT is the fruit that materialized from her labor, not just over the last 20 years of observation in her couples laboratory, or her 36 years of professional work as a clinician, but of her entire 67 years of life experience.

The EcCT training is the latest version of Hedy’s unfolding work. Her newest thinking about couples is woven into it. She built the EcCT training around video segments from the new DVD set, which allows her to present a very systematic structure and a powerful grounding of the work that she does with couples. It gives people a chance to visualize as well as conceptualize the basic principles that she is presenting. People who have been to the Tikkun training will find this training new and different, while at the same time a deepening of concepts to which they may have previously been exposed.