The workshop is based on a number of methodologies including Imago Relationship Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Relational Neurobiology, and the concepts of Martin Buber, as well as Hedy and Yumi’s 44 years of marriage and their life together.

The workshop is also not group therapy.  Here is the structure of the three days:

Hedy and Yumi teach relational principles and skills.  They will present the first principle and skill with stories and examples, then there will be a demonstration of the first skill with a couple that volunteers.

Then each couple works privately,  spread out around the room, to practice the skill they just learned. During that time, we have relationship therapists who assist us who can work with you, or answer question if you choose to use them.

Then everyone comes back to the group and Hedy and Yumi answer any questions, and then move on to the next principle.  At no time during the workshop are you required to say anything personal about your relationship to the group or other couples.