Fifteen years ago, I worked for an organization where the two partners were constantly fighting, and doing things behind each other’s back. They liked to secretly tell lies to people to see who gossiped about them, and who was on “their side.” I used to say the company was their sandbox – two little boys fighting over the toys. I even quit twice and was offered more money to stay. Needless to say, this organization was disconnected, fostered anxiety and defensiveness, and became a toxic place to work.

Even though I have worked for good companies since then, it took about 2 years of working with Hedy and Yumi before I could fully embrace the emotionally safe work environment that a Relational Organization fosters. I am reminded of my two little dogs, Katie and Khloe, who my partner and I rescued. We don’t know what kind of environment they came from, but we have a sense it wasn’t good. It took each of them many months to trust the safe environment in which they now live.

We humans are the same. After working in the emotionally unsafe environment of criticism, judgment, anxiety, pessimism, and defensiveness, it takes time to really trust a new environment of listening, appreciation, compassion, and empathy. When this happens, the rewards are great for both the employee AND the employer. Working in the emotionally secure environment of a Relational Organization allows for better focus, higher achievement, more productivity, and increased efficiency. People are responsive to change, open to feedback, more relaxed, and willing to stretch out of their comfort zone.

Hedy counsels business people who struggle with their interpersonal relationships in the workplace. These relationships can be of the same hierarchical level such as that of CEO and CFO, president and vice-president, or board members. They can also be of different hierarchical levels such as owner and manager, manager and employee, executive and support staff. These intensive business counseling sessions are exceptionally effective for family run companies. In these cases, both the personal and the business relationship are transformed. For example, a father and son, or two sisters, running the family business can achieve more productivity by creating a more emotionally safe work environment.

If you are looking to increase your profitability through transforming your working relationships, please contact me at 305-604-0010 to schedule a business Intensive session with Hedy.

The business world, and the world at large, has many steps to take towards becoming relationally mature. However, transforming your own business relationships not only gives you personal peace and productivity, but also brings the business world as a whole one step closer to becoming more relationally mature, productive and profitable.

Warm Regards,


Geoffrey Swetz
Operations Manager
Tikkun Learning Center