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The Tikkun Learning Center (TLC) is an educational institution dedicated to the teaching, the studying and the exploration of the Relational Paradigm. TLC's curriculum includes the training of Couple Therapists, Relationship Coaches, and Leaders and CEOs of Organizations. TLC presents a variety of programs which include Clinical Trainings, Master Classes, Supervision of therapists, Lectures about the Relational Paradigm, Intensive Couple sessions, sessions for leaders of organizations and companies, and in-house relational coaching for Organizations. TLC envisions a planet with increasing Relational Intelligence and Relational Maturity.

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Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, married for over 45 years and working together for over 20 years, are known internationally as Relationship Builders. They specialize in creating transformational workshops for couples and partners and they teach in four languages: English, French, German and Hebrew. Hedy and Yumi teach couples through experience how to be fully alive, totally present, and ready for the richest connection possible.  They have a vision for a tipping point in planetary consciousness about the power of connection.