The curriculum of the Master Class is currently not designed to include bringing video tapes to be reviewed.  Rather it is a growth journey in which I will be “up-loading” everything I know and passing it on.

The learnings will be on many levels:

  • In vivo demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Group work
  • Study groups
  • Tele-conferences
  • Pods

The class becomes its own “living laboratory” for the exploration and the evolution of the Relational Paradigm. The class will open to the many layers of relational experiences which are meant to reveal themselves as we journey together. The in vivo, synchronistic and sometimes even raw experiential learnings will inform all of us.

What is needed above all is:

  • an open-mindset
  • a willingness to be transformed
  • a readiness to enter into deeper connection
  • the humility to be a real learner
  • an enthusiasm for newness
  • a choice to be 100% engaged and present
  • the honesty to expose adaptive patterns
  • the strength and bravery to develop our leadership qualities