In private, full-day sessions, international relationship specialist Hedy Schleifer will guide you to reinvent your partnership. Hedy believes every relationship is a “living laboratory” in which parents and their children can help one another on the path to Relational Maturity. Hedy will open your eyes to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your connection.

To give you a sense of what is possible for you and your son or daughter, here is a post that Hedy wrote about a session she had with a Father and Daughter:


Fathers and Daughters

It is said that “Anyone can be a father. But it takes a special man to be a Dad.” The other day I saw a Dad on the street. He was joyfully pushing a stroller with his bundled up little daughter in it.  She must have been two years old. “Kwak- Kwak” he said with a smile in his voice. “Kwak Kwak”she said laughing.“Moo Moo”came the next sound from the dad. Laughter from the little girl with a“Moo Moo”sound.” And so,”the Dad asks tenderly“what other animal sound should we make?” Laughter, giggles, chuckles, and a glittering bond being woven like a radiant web between the two of them.


“All fathers are invisible in daytime. Daytime is ruled by mothers, and fathers come out at night. Darkness brings home fathers with their unspeakable power. There is more to fathers then meets the eye.” Margaret Atwood was describing the unspeakable power that makes a father into a Dad.

I was particularly touched to see this scenario because I had just witnessed a miraculous re-connection of a daughter with her Dad. The daughter, in her late twenties, made a father/daughter appointment with me for a two-day intensive re-connection journey. She wanted to connect again with the Dad part in her father, and freely experience again the unspeakable power she had experienced in him in the past.

The day that I met with them, the power was off in the whole neighborhood. The hotel where I do my work was dark and cold. Guests were being ushered to other hotels. The three of us stayed in the darkened, freezing, empty place, doing our work all day. Together we entered into the cold darkness that enveloped a once joyful, happy family when one of the siblings got very ill with a rare, terminal disease. A dark cloud hovered over the family, as every member of the family mobilized around the sick child. Every one was in survival. The sick daughter lived a much longer life than was expected. But so did the cloud darkening the horizon of the family.

On the second day of our journey, as if by magic, we were given a warm, lit up, cozy room in another hotel. In that safe, sheltering environment the father and daughter climbed out of the dark era, and found each other again. Then together they visited the sunny years of a happy, bonded family before the “dark clouds” gathered, a family committed to delightful shared adventures and the simple playful joys of the ocean, the waves, the sun, a lake, a vegetable garden, a beloved dog, and the escapades of three rambunctious, healthy siblings.

Those formative years, cemented between the daughter and the Dad a powerful connectivity and a friendship that nothing will ever break.  Nothing will ever break this bond, not even the bad cycle that established itself as a result of the unfortunate events brought about in the darkness.

In the post-session report I wrote to them I say the following: “Why we needed to be in the dark and in the cold on the first day of your session, in a hotel that was being evacuated, is still a mystery. Could it be that we needed to viscerally experience the darkness of the cloudy period in your family’s journey, and the piercing coldness of the painful disconnection?” I do ask myself: “Could it be that we needed to be embraced in the cozy warmth of a beautiful, comfortable room, with soft, pleasant lighting to have a real sense of the nourishment of the repair and re-connection journey after the sadness and the anguish of the rupture?”

With blessings for healing repair in all our ruptured relationships,

With warmest regards,




If you have a family therapist, your therapist can also attend, with your permission, as an observer. This is ideal for assisting you and your family in continuing the work that you start during your session with Hedy. Many therapists are attending and using it as a training opportunity. Although it is not required, if you have a therapist, we do recommend that you ask your therapist to join you.

The primarily location where dates are available is Washington, DC. Hedy is also routinely available in Miami Beach, FL, and New York, NY. She also can meet you in cities throughout the world. Ask Geoffrey for currently available dates and locations.

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