Below are reasons for attending the September 8-10, 2017 Adventure in Intimacy workshop in Miami

  1. The workshop has a smaller group of couples than usual. This means you will receive even more individualized attention from Hedy and Yumi, and the setting will be more intimate.
  2. Hedy and Yumi are wise sages. The lessons and learnings you will receive from their wisdom and from the “living laboratory” of their own marriage of many years, will nourish and nurture your own marriage and partnership.
  3. As this is back-to-school season, give yourself and your partner the gift of going “back to school” to learn how to empower and take your relationship to a higher level, to start anew, and to create a dream marriage.
  4. Partial scholarships are available for couples in financial need, and an automatic $100 scholarship is available for returning graduates of the workshop.
  5. The Adventure In Intimacy workshop will help you and your partner re-establish real communication, transform your frustrations into vehicles for change, increase the zest and passion in your relationship, and inspire you to experience the Miracle of Connection.

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