"Couples around the world seek Hedy and her husband Yumi for their guidance, as they are well known for their expertise on relationships." 

"But it wasn’t always like that," Hedy told Eliana Cline of the South African Jewish Report.

"We were young and unconscious," Hedy describes in the article.

Hedy and Yumi as a "young and unconscious" couple, on the way to their honeymoon in Japan in May, 1965.

Eliana Cline's article titled - "Hedy over Heels for a Loving Marriage" - describes the following: "Propelled by her deep-rooted Jewish heritage, Hedy knew that marriage had the potential to be a sacred union, and she set out to discover how to enact this in her personal and professional life. Hedy embarked on a journey to search for ways to actualise this connection in her own relationship and with the couples she worked with."

"The Jewish sages tell us to build a sanctuary between us, to sanctify the space between husband and wife," says Hedy. "While Judaism defines Shalom Bayit (harmony in the home) as the highest value, we realized through our own marriage that many people - of all religions and backgrounds - were missing the how-to, which would enable them to achieve this ideal."

A typical blessing for a Jewish home, a blessing for Shalom Bayit, blesses the couple to creatively fill the space of their home with the core values of generosity of spirit, kindness of heart, hope in the soul, contentment and peace.

Read the entire article in the South African Jewish Report by clicking here.

Yumi and I are sending this message to you today, August 2, 2017, as we are traveling back to our beloved South Africa. We are on a three week “harvest” tour, in celebration of our 52nd wedding anniversary. We feel privileged to have a full teaching program, because last year we canceled our South Africa program so that I could join the clan of the one-breasted women. This trip that I am taking as an Amazon is a deep blessing.

We would love for you to join us at some or all of our events:

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On August 6, 2017, Yumi and I will give a lecture for the Jewish Community of Johannesburg. The lecture is in commemoration for Yudith and Naomi, Yumi’s two sisters (may their memory be a blessing to us all.) The two little girls were killed on August 10, 1944, when the refugee boat they were on was torpedoed, and all the survivors machine gunned. Yudith and Naomi were Yumi’s beloved sisters, and Yudith was Yumi’s best friend. They would tell each other: "When we are big we will marry one another." Nine days after they died, I was born, on August 19, 1944.

Yudith and Naomi Schleifer in 1943.

We feel privileged to have the chance to honor Yudith and Naomi on August 6, 2017, which is their Yahrzeit, the anniversary of their death.