Technology is prevalent in all of our lives. We use technology every day. Like many people, you may even reach for your cell phone first thing in the morning before reaching for your loved one.

A Nielsen study done in 2014 found that the average American spends 11 hours on their phone or computer every day. That means we are checking our emails, text messages, and social media for nearly half of our day!

What effect does that have on your relationship?

Hedy and Yumi invite you to DISCONNECT from technology and RECONNECT with your partner for three full days during a transformational couples workshop where you will learn how to continuously grow your connection with your partner, and where you will acquire every day tools for revitalizing and renewing your relationship.

If you are ready to put your cell phone on mute and connect deeply with your partner, join Hedy and Yumi at the Adventure in Intimacy workshop on September 8-10, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Reconnect, renew, and revitalize the romance and intimacy in your relationship.

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