Hybrid Couples Session is Hedy’s latest creation for assisting couples to connect/reconnect deeply, and thereby dissolve their survival dance and untie their survival knot. It combines working with Hedy personally with the experience of a workshop for couples.

If you are curious about what it is, how it was created, and how you might organize one, please continue reading.

The Hybrid Workshop/Session is a unique event designed to allow a group of six couples to experience the transformational power of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, Hedy’s new method for helping couples. Each couple gets to work one-on-one with Hedy, benefits from learning in a small group setting, and practices individually with trained therapist assistants.

The very first Hybrid took place in March of last year. Since then Hedy has done Hybrids in Connecticut, South Africa, and in the vicinity of Washington, DC.

The first Hybrid was organized by Parker and Mary Stacy, a therapist couple who actually thought up the idea. Here is what Parker and Mary said about why they created it, and what was special about organizing it:

“We decided to organize the first Hybrid event in our area because we saw the potential for couples to experience both Hedy and each other in a small setting where Hedy would be able to work with each couple at least once over the course of a two-day event. 

The first Hybrid, which took place in our home, went extremely well, beyond our expectations. We looked for and enrolled six couples. The couples all felt they had been present at something very special. And, as we had expected, Hedy was able to work directly with each couple, as well as giving extra attention to ones who needed it. 

We love to host, and we enjoyed organizing this event. All the advance planning, including the help provided by Geoffrey, Hedy’s Operations Manager paid off. It allowed us to be completely present at the event. The small group setting allowed for an amazing level of intimacy, a very personal experience for everyone present. 

For the two of us, spending so much time with Hedy was a real treat. We are used to seeing her in the larger Adventure in Intimacy workshops and training events. Here we were with her in a more intimate setting, moving at her own pace, a unique experience with a unique person! 

By organizing that first Hybrid workshop we gained confidence in the model. We have already hosted two more, making small refinements as we went along. That means eighteen couples in all have been able to experience and use the Three Invisible Connectors directly with Hedy in a small group setting!”

Parker and Mary

If organizing a Hybrid workshop/session in your local area interests you, contact Geoffrey today for more information. You may reach Geoffrey at 305-604-0010 or Geoffrey@HedyYumi.com.