Join Hedy, 6 couples and 5 therapists for the experience of a special two-day Couples Hybrid Workshopon July 14-15, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Watch this video clip as Hedy introduces a couple to her guiding principle: the Three Invisible Connectors.   

This Workshop/Session is a unique event designed to give a group of six couples the transformational experience of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.

What is so special about the Couples Hybrid Workshop?

  • Each couple will receive Hedy’s close attention and expertise.
  • Each couple will work with Hedy one-on-one.
  • Each couple will benefit from the workshop atmosphere by being witness to Hedy’s work.
  • Each couple will have a therapist, trained by Hedy, as their personal assistant.

Here is what one couple says:

“We LOVED our experience with Hedy. Our relationship deepened and we walked away with having such a transformational experience AND tools to continue loving one another in profound ways.”

Here is more:

“I have been longing to connect with another person from a “soul to soul / heart to heart” spiritual level for many years. During our workshop, I absolutely felt that “encounter” take place time and time again.”

If this unique opportunity interests you, you may register here and join the adventure with five other couples.

For more information, you may reach Geoffrey at 305-604-0010 or email him at