Berlin in the 1930s 

My grandfather Haim Bakon is the Choir Director of the Oranienburg Synagogue in Berlin. In 1934 he is savagely beaten on the street, moves his family back to Hungary, is deported from there in 1944, and is killed in the gas chambers of the Auschwitz concentration camp in May of 1944.

Berlin in 2018  

Seventy-three years laterHaim Bakon’s granddaughter, Hedy Schleifer, returns to Berlin to teach the concept of“bridging.” My grandfather Haim Bakon understood“bridging.” Even though he was a Chassid of the sect of Bobov, an ultra-orthodox Jew, his choir was a bridge between Jews and Gentiles, men and women. Now his granddaughter is teaching how to “bridge” in Berlin. 

Natalie Viaux, a Berlin therapist, interviewed me for this video. She is organizing a training for Couples Therapists in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy. It will take place in Berlin, Germany from April 29 to May 1, 2018.

Encounter-centered Couples Therapy is an integrative relational model at the intersection of philosophy, clinical theory, organizational methodology and relational neurobiology. Its four pillars are the philosophy of Martin Buber, Imago Relationship Theory and Practice, Appreciative Inquiry, and the newest finding of Relational Neuro-Biology and Memory Re-consolidation.

I am inviting you to join me in Berlin and enjoy learning a structured, integrative couples therapy model, with a pragmatic step-by-step approach. I am confident that it will give you increased confidence, grace and boldness in your future work with couples.

For Information and Registration:
Contact Natalie Viaux at
Call 172 41 41 656 (Germany)

Blessings and Light,