“Yesterday, I held one of my workshops and got one of the best compliments ever: You reminded me of Hedy Schleifer!” says Joanie Reilly from Ireland, who attended the Presenting with Boldness training in New York City, USA.

Watch this inspiring clip of Hedy during an opening keynote speech for a Smart Marriage conference, to get a sense of what is available at the training, and how to be bold, poised and confident.  

If you have been considering joining Hedy for this unique training, she will be arriving in Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Africa to guide and coach participants in the “Presenting with Boldness” training.

For more information and registration:

Israel: June 11-12, 2018 (in Hebrew) 
Israel Association for Family and Couple Therapy 
Phone: 09-7467064 

United Kingdom: June 26-27, 2018
Kairos Encounter Centre 
Phone: 07814409631 

Germany: June 30 – July 1, 2018 (in German)
Davine Bonowski

South Africa: August 7-8, and 21-22, 2018
Grete Becker
Phone: 021-976 9966

The training is open to ALL who wish to increase their boldness, poise and confidence during their presentations. So, tell your friends, colleagues, and anyone in your community you believe would benefit from this training.