Did you know that Hedy and Yumi now live in Washington, DC?  

In 2013, Hedy and Yumi moved into their new “nest” in Washington, DC, to be near their two sons, their two daughters-in-law, and their 13 grandchildren. They have continued to travel to Miami, Florida, to lead their couples workshops, present trainings, and Hedy’s two-day Intensive session, custom made for one couple. Couples have come from all over the United States, and in fact from all over the world, to enjoy their teachings in Miami.

Now Hedy and Yumi are “landing” professionally in their new city.

This summer already there will be a Hybrid Couples Workshop/Session in Washington, DC on July 14-15, as well as one in the Fall in Washington, DC on November 17-18, 2018.

And for the first time in DC, Hedy and Yumi will be presenting their new couples workshop, A Couples Journeyin Washington, DC on October 19-21, 2018.

I am inviting you and your partner to join Hedy and Yumi in Washington, DC. You can visit the website for information about the Hybrids as well as “A Couples Journey.”  

For more information and registration:
Visit www.HedyYumi.com/events
Contact Geoffrey at 305-604-0010 or Geoffrey@HedyYumi.com