“If you just don’t talk about it, it will go away.”

Does this way of describing conflict sound familiar?

So how do we turn conflict into connection?

For the answer, watch this one-and-a-half minute informative video.

Hedy says: “We all tend to harp on issues: in-laws, sex, money, children… It all comes down to a power struggle. You are trying to get what you want by force. You’re not in a connection anymore.”

In “A Couple’s Journey,” workshop, couples will learn about the three invisible connectors:

  • The Relational Space: “If we’re going to have a good relationship, we need to know how to take charge fully of the quality of the space.”
  • The Bridge: “Nature brings incompatible people together so we can learn from each other.”
  • The Encounter: “It’s like getting lost in your favorite music. And then suddenly you are in an encounter with music. And it’s not you and the music anymore. It’s all one.”

Yumi and I are inviting you to join us at our “A Couple’s Journey” workshop on October 19-21, 2018 in Washington DC, where you and your partner will learn how to turn conflict into connection.

For more information and registration:

With excitement and joy,
Hedy & Yumi