Yumi and I used to be the Olympic Gold Medalist Champions of the Turtle/Hailstorm dynamic. 

That was before we understood that all couples from all countries and all cultures, universally dance this classic “survival dance.”

Watch me describe this universal “survival dance” of the Turtle & the Hailstorm.”  


When we got married, in 1965, Yumi and I were indeed champions in relational unconsciousness. Since then, we have learned, and grown, and deeply connected, and dissolved our “survival dance.”  Today, after 53 years of marriage, we open-heartedly welcome the “Dance of Life” in connection.

It is our privilege to now bring the integrated wisdom of our 53 years in our couples laboratory to our new workshop, “A Couple’s Journey.”  Come and join us on January 25-27, 2019,  in Washington DC.

For more information and registration:
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