“How does one put the experience of a momentous transformation into a few sentences?” asks Robin Schletter, after she attended a Hybrid Couples Workshop with her husband.

Robin is describing the magic of the Encounter.

Watch as I explain what happens during an “Encounter” between a couple.

Robin continues:
 “Hedy took us down a path that has resulted in an awakening that I never knew could exist. It’s almost like we have been robots all these years, and now with fresh eyes and a way to use those eyes to truly see each us other, our life has been changed forever.”

I am inviting you to join me, and 5 other couples, and 6 specially trained therapists for the deep, connecting experience of a Couples Hybrid Workshop on November 17-18, 2018, in Washington, DC.

What is so special about the Hybrid Couples Workshop?

  • Each couple will receive my close attention and expertise, working with me one-on-one.
  • Each couple will benefit from the workshop atmosphere by being witness to my work with other couples.
  • Each couple will have a therapist, trained by me, as their personal assistant.

If this unique opportunity interests you, you may register here and join the adventure with five other couples on November 17-18, 2018, in Washington, DC.

For more information, you may reach Geoffrey at 305-604-0010 or email him at Geoffrey@HedyYumi.com. He is there to assist you.

I look forward to the possibility of having you join in on this learning experience, and I’m sending you my fondest regards,


PLEASE NOTE: This Hybrid is full. For more information on the Hybrid, visit this webpage.