If you reached out to us in September, you probably heard that my mom passed away. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding while I was out of the office, to share with you who my mom was for so many people, and also to let you know that I am back in the office and available to you.

Genie Swetz was an amazing, caring woman who not only took care of my younger brother Matt and I, but from a very early age, followed a calling to help everyone in need. She gave her free time to the church, was a high school teacher and guidance counselor, created and expanded youth groups and community outreach programs, volunteered at soup kitchens and hospitals, and the list goes on. There is literally no one person on earth who knew all that she did, and no way to adequately summarize her life of service into a one-page obituary or bio. So, I created this Memorial Booklet to document her life and a portion of the people she touched. If you feel inspired to do so, please read more about who my mom was for so many people.

For those of you who reached out to Hedy and Yumi’s office during this time, thank you very much for your patience, concern, thoughts and prayers. Thank you for allowing me the important opportunity to assist my mom, become clear about her path, and morn her loss. The time was graciously given to me by Hedy and Yumi, and was wisely used to ensure that our relationship was and is 100% complete.

Now I will put my Operations Manager’s hat back on. I have returned to the office, and “the doors are open.” Beginning this Friday, Hedy and Yumi are leading the Washington, DC premiere of their new “A Couple’s Journey” workshop on October 19-21, 2018.

We have also scheduled these future events in Washington, DC:

“A Couple’s Journey” workshop on January 25-27, 2019
Hybrid workshop/session on November 17-18, 2018, and February 9-10, 2019

Save these dates!

Hedy is available to meet with couples in Washington, DC for a two-day Private Intensive Session where you receive her expert and undivided attention and expertise. Please contact me for more information and to schedule specific dates.

At this time, we are looking for Enthusiastic Organizers who would like to bring Hedy and Yumi to their local area for a couples workshop, therapist training, documentary film screening, or any other event. You can see all the possibilities on this “menu” of Hedy and Yumi’s events. If organizing an event or helping find organizers is of interest to you, or you just want to find out more about it, please contact me and I will answer all your questions.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at an upcoming event. You may reach me at 305-604-0010, or Geoffrey@HedyYumi.com.

Warm Regards,

Geoffrey Swetz
Operations Manager
Office of Hedy + Yumi Schleifer