“Our dream of quitting the power struggle was transformed into a slice of paradise as we crossed the bridge,” say Catherine & Marty McHugh who attended the “Art of Sexual Connection” advanced couples workshop, on July 30-31, 2011 in Miami, Florida.

Watch and listen as Hedy describes the “Open Growth Mindset,”which allows couples to say The Big “Yes” to the adventure of their relationship.


How can you and your partner welcome “a slice of paradise” in your relationship?

How can you step into the climate of adventure and discovery, and“dissolve” the automatic and reactive power struggle?

If these questions intrigue you, we are inviting you to come and join us at the next “A Couple’s Journey” workshop, which will take place on January 25-27, 2019, in Washington, DC. You might want to bring with you your very own “power struggle,” and learn how to journey with your partner to completely transform your relationship… and your life.

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