Join Hedy Schleifer in magical Sedona, Arizona, where she will be teaching her “Presenting with Boldness, Poise and Confidence” Training.

Take a moment to watch a clip from Hedy’s keynote speech at the Smart Marriage Conference to give you a taste of who she is as a presenter, and what is available to you from learning from her.

Here are two questions about the training we have received, and Hedy’s answers:

1- I am not doing presentations at this time, yet I am still interested in attending the training. Would it be ok for me to attend? 

Here is Hedy’s answer:

“The training is organized around pieces of growth edge work that I do with people who volunteer to step into the circle to present. I then teach a piece of theory around that work, so that all the participants get to incorporate these steps o f growth and empowerment for themselves. Some participants may not participate in the middle of the circle, but everyone will learn, stretch and grow.”

2- I would like to attend the training and be coached by Hedy, but I don’t have a presentation that I normally do. What kind of speech can I create? Or how can I be coached by Hedy without a presentation?

Here is Hedy’s answer:

“The training focusses on FOUR energies a good presenter creates for his/her audience:

AHHH: a sense of depth
AHHA: a new realization
HAHA: a moment of laughter
AMEN: a sense of the sacred

As the training unfolds over the two days, people are inspired to jump into the circle with a creative inspiration. And the teaching revolves around how to most strikingly combine these FOUR energies in order to touch and energize an audience.”

Come and join Hedy on April 6-7, 2019, in Sedona, Arizon a, and take your presentational skills and self-confidence to dramatic new levels. The training is open to ALL who wish to increase their boldness, poise and confidence during their presentations.

More information and registration:
Call Geoffrey at 305-604-0010
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Register before January 31, 2019 for a $50 Early Bird Scholarship.