The year 2019 is entering into our life with a Bang! During the new year’s vacation Yumi and I decided that the right time has come for Yumi to retire officially from his active partnership with me, after a quarter of a century of working together.

This will be Yumi’s third retirement.

  • His first retirement was in 1980, when he retired from his first career as an electronic engineer, at the forefront of laser night vision for the Defense Industry.
  • His second retirement was in 1993, when he retired from his second career as an entrepreneur, at the forefront of labeling fruits and vegetables.
  • Now, in 2019, we are celebrating his third retirement. He is retiring from being a co-teacher with me, at the forefront of bringing the technology of relational intelligence and relational maturity to couples around the world.

I am in awe of my good man!

With Yumi’s retirement comes a very important realization. The entrance into the year 2019 is simultaneously the end of an era for us. Yumi and I have traveled and taught together for 25 years, and have been called by one of our students the “Itinerant Mystics.” And we could not have done it alone. Throughout this quarter of a century we were magnificently supported by outstanding teams.

Yumi’s retirement comes with another very meaningful and significant change. We are closing our office in Miami. With this end of an era in our journey, also comes the process of putting a period to our daily cooperation with Geoffrey Swetz, our Operations Manager.

There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t told us: “Geoffrey is wonderful.” He is! With his many varied talents and his can-do attitude, he actively championed our cause. For the last 13 years he has given us his loyalty, dedication, and his powerful commitment to the vision of a relationally mature planet. And so together Yumi, Geoffrey and I are completing 13 years of robust cooperation. We feel very blessed to have received the gift of such a productive and generative partnership.

As for my own work as a leader, I am lucky to have Yumi as my constant cheerleader. I am putting my “wildest dreams” on the horizon for the year 2019. I am finally going to write my book. Every day God has sent me an angel to ask me: “Have you written a book?” It is high time! I am also going to teach online courses. As a very 20th century woman, I have not made friends as easily with cyberspace. But also for online teaching, it is high time! With a colleague and friend I am planning to create a company to teach relational intelligence and relational maturity to corporate and political leaders. Also for this it is high time!

I will continue to do my beloved work with couples, and bring into the world all the unfolding trainings for couple therapists that I am inspired to lead. And finally, our son Yigal is assisting me in creating my own website to support all of these projects. It will be a first for me to enter into this adventure. I am excited, curious, stimulated, intrigued, and filled with new energies. Yumi, in his usual powerfully supportive stance, as the wind beneath my wings, is also excited for me.

And so the year 2019 brings in the “New” as well as the “Not-Knowing.” We are grateful to all of you for the relationship we have woven together over the years. You are our “tribe.”

With love and gratitude,

Hedy & Yumi