Hedy Schleifer was recently interviewed by Shane Birkel, LMHC, about “Creating Transformation in Couples Therapy.”

In this episode of The Couples Therapist Couch, Hedy goes deeper into her method of working with couples called Encounter-centered Couples Therapy. She talks about:

  • Level 3 Transformational Learning
  • Visiting “Neighborhoods”
  • Unraveling the “Survival Knot”

Enjoy listening to “Creating Transformation in Couples Therapy” with Hedy Schleifer, hosted by Shane Birkel. You will find out about Hedy’s transformational Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.

On April 12-14, 2019, Hedy will be in Richmond, Virginia, to present Unraveling the “Survival Knot” of Couples, a three-day 21 CEU Clinical Training in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy. Join Hedy for this exciting opportunity to further your training in couples work.

For more Information and Registration:
Visit www.HedyYumi.com/TherapistTraining
Call Patty at 305-604-0010
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