“We are so thankful that we had this unique opportunity to work with you,” say Alex and Elisabeth, who came from Europe to meet with me for a two-day private Intensive session.

Elisabeth says: “Alex has changed. I have never experienced him so committed to us practicing Crossing the Bridge. And he does not forget, even on the worst stressful days.”

Elisabeth continues: “You helped us both to look at our feelings together, and learn to embrace whatever is there for us. You have helped us look deeply into our souls, and have that be a safe place to be. We have never been so connected.”

Finally Elisabeth says: “I believe that our souls have really touched for the first time. This experience will last a lifetime, and gives us so much confidence in our relationship. This special encounter with Hedy is the greatest benefit for all our remaining life.”

My work with couples involves a two-day, custom designed Intensive session. I welcome couples who have both indicated that they want to repair a rupture in their relationship, whatever the rupture might be. They are both aware of the need for assistance. They are both willing to learn together. It is a joint decision that they have made. They have reached out to me jointly.

My specialty is to guide couples through a challenging, intensive and transformational journey of learning how to re-pair a rupture, and how to re-connect in the deepest way. I teach couples a guiding principle for the establishment of a conscious and growing relationship, which they then take home, and continue to practice as a new way of life. They are on the path to relational maturity.

If both you and your partner would like to learn how to re-connect in the deepest way, and experience what Alex and Elisabeth did, contact Patty for more information about my two-day private Intensive session.You can reach her at 305-604-0010 or at Assistant@HedyYumi.com.