"A Couple's Journey"

Hedy & Yumi Schleifer's Transformational Workshop for Couples

in Washington, DC, and other areas

You and your partner will learn effective communication skills, how to “dissolve” relational frustrations, and how to rekindle your passionate connection at Hedy and Yumi Schleifer’s new couples intimacy workshop called "A Couple's Journey."

A powerful connecting skill you will learn is “crossing the bridge” to the world of the other. This process provides both partners with the skill to deal with every issue in a way that elicits closeness and prevents the accumulation of energy for fueling the power struggle.

At this couples retreat, you will learn about the three invisible connectors: the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter. Watch this short video where Hedy Schleifer is interviewed on TV for Ivanhoe News about the Three Invisible Connectors.



What can we expect at the "A Couple's Journey" Workshop for Couples?

Enter the room where Hedy and Yumi are leading one of their workshops for couples, and you will be struck by the atmosphere of connection and joy, and by the smiling faces, with eagerness and curiosity to learn. It is difficult to believe that at the beginning of the day, the people in the room are strangers to each other, and that many of the couples enter the room with estrangement hovering over them.

As you listen to Hedy and Yumi share their experience with couples, and their ideas for fulfilling their deep longing for intimacy and connection, you become aware of a unique quality of Hedy and Yumi’s teaching. The unique quality is the atmosphere they create in the room. They open the room and generate curiosity through their original combination of new information, humor, and personal anecdotes.

Observing Hedy and Yumi’s teaching style, one is reminded of the elegance, craftsmanship and mastery of an Olympic skating couple. With an instinctive awareness of each person’s need to feel seen, Hedy and Yumi navigate the room making eye contact with each of the sixty or so persons present.

At the “A Couple’s Journey” workshop, you will discover and learn new directions from Hedy and Yumi's own marriage. Hedy and Yumi have been married for 53 years. In their workshop they share and teach you about their "living laboratory," and how to live in true, deep connection with your partner.

You will learn:

  • New understandings of the philosophy of Martin Buber, an important source of the wisdom that allowed Hedy to create EcCT
  • New ways of accepting and embracing your partner by widening your "appreciative eye" and focusing on strengths and resources
  • New rituals for energizing your relationship with joy, fun and passion

"My husband and I just completed the NEW “A Couple’s Journey” in January 2018 in Miami - and first off, I am in love with Hedy and Yumi. They bring their love of life and love for each other into the courseroom and it resonates throughout the weekend. Hedy’s skill level, love and intuitiveness is tremendous and allowed us to do a guided exercise that was life changing."

~ Merri and Alan

At the Couples Workshop you will discover:

  • Conflict is a friend in disguise and a potential launching pad for relational growth and maturation
  • Daily annoyances are potential powerful vehicles for productive change
  • Each of us has a hero’s journey to integrate and learn from
  • There is a way to have authentic, impactful conversations, that move us from automatic, unconscious re-activity, to intentional, conscious action
  • Our relationships are fertile soil for zest, fun, romance, intimacy, and passion
  • conscious relationship grows our empathy and our ability to “step compassionately into our partner’s shoes”
  • A conscious couple relationship affects all our connections including family, co-workers, and especially our children

“We attended the "A Couple’s Journey" workshop in January 2018 as a couple who has been together more than 30 years. We found this workshop very inspiring. Our relationship was strong going into it but found it was even closer and more intimate after spending a few days with Hedy and Yumi. The level of openness that was created by our guides made it safe to share intimate thoughts. Thank you both for sharing your unconditional love and humor with us. This is certainly an instrument to bring peace to individuals, couples and the world!!” 

~Peg Seykora

Why should we come to this couples workshop?
How is it different from the original “Adventure in Intimacy”? 

In their workshop, Hedy and Yumi have created a beautifully balanced blend of lectures, demonstrations, practice time, and fun. Insisting that couples spend three full days with their partner allows the fulfillment of their deep desire for closeness and attentiveness.

Unlike many couples workshops which concentrate on relationship problems and relationship problem-solving skills, and which approach this subject cognitively, Hedy and Yumi’s is highly experiential and utilizes time efficiently to allow couples to experience – for many for the first time in a long time – the closeness they so long for.

By the end of the workshop, it becomes evident that Hedy and Yumi have created a powerful means for dealing with couples’ deep longing for closeness, safety, and connection. They have developed a workshop that is aimed at unraveling the survival knot” where one partner's “frozen need” meets the other’s “denied need,” and where one person’s desperation meets the other’s defenses. It is what keeps the couple emotionally separate. It is where the life energy in their relationship is blocked.

"We attended the “A Couple’s Journey” workshop AND WOW! It has made a huge difference in our relationship. This should be a mandatory premarital class for couples. It was painful and tearful and heart-wrenching and so rewarding because for the first time my husband I were not passively listening and responding but engaging with one another...and we love it!”

~Kecia & Edward Maturo

We are experiencing difficulty in our relationship. Can just three days benefit us?

During the 25+ years that Hedy and Yumi have led workshops for couples, they have exposed thousands of couples to their teachings. Among these were couples on the verge of divorce, couples preparing for marriage, as well as couples wishing to create a better climate for their children.

The three-day immersion, the presence of other couples, and the safety created by Hedy and Yumi’s presence, creates an atmosphere that chips away at the couple’s wall of separation.

Hedy and Yumi teach concrete, user-friendly, step-by-step rituals and skills for a flourishing connection. Couples receive a Couples Manual, filled with theory and practice for further inspiration and guidance after the workshop.

The three days spent in close proximity to one’s partner leaves an incredible memory of this powerful experience. It also liberates energy that was caught up in the “survival knot” and makes it available for fueling the relationship.

“The most important things we learned at the “A Couple’s Journey” workshop are that we are each responsible for the nurturance of the sacred space, and that the quality and shape of that space evolves, grows and deepens as we complete the encounter. We also learned the importance of the 5 words for describing how we feel: what is our truth. It is so easy to get into a tangle of words, and this practice helps to release us from that tangle. We learned what it means to be a good host, and a good visitor. We left the seminar training filled with joy, energy, and possibility.”

~Skip Batcheller and Abigail Dietrick

What are the most important learnings of the NEW “A Couple’s Journey” workshop?

Whether you are married, engaged, beginning a new relationship, or in a committed partnership (gay or straight), you will learn:

  • How to have not only a solid relationship, but a creative one
  • How to transform a relationship into a visionary adventure
  • How to create, experience, and embrace the miracle of connection
  • How to create a relationship that is safe, passionate, and long lasting
  • How to become each other’s best friend

Who Should Attend this Workshop for Couples?

All couples, at all stages of their relationships, should attend including:

  • Couples undecided about staying together
  • Couples moving toward divorce or who are already separated and want to know if it is worth putting any energy into saving the relationship
  • Couples in the early stages of a relationship and are looking at the possibility of marriage or a deeper commitment in their relationship
  • Couples preparing for marriage, or for persons who have been married before and wish to learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Couples who feel "stuck" or stagnant in their relationship and want to renew the intimacy with their partner
  • Couples who want to make a "good" relationship even richer and more fulfilling
  • Couples who wish to create a better climate for the development of their children
  • Psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, and professional counselors, with their partners, who want to experience the power of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy. This workshop is approved for 21 CE hours.

Workshop Method and Logistical Information

This workshop is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all participants. You will work alone or with your partner and will not be required to share anything with the rest of the group. Confidentiality is respected and preserved throughout the workshop.

The workshop is based on Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, which is Hedy Schleifer's method of working with couples. It is an integration of the relational philosophy of Martin Buber, the positive change approaches of Appreciative Inquiry and Re-evaluation Counseling, the latest research about Relational Neurobiology, and adaptations of processes from Imago Relationship Therapy. Other significant influences in the development of the "A Couple's Journey" workshop are Hedy and Yumi's marriage and Judaic background. Their marriage continues serving as the laboratory for the ongoing evolution of skills for the development of Relational Intelligence and Relational Maturity of couples.

Workshop Tuition:


Your tuition includes:

  • registration fees for two people
  • 2 workbooks
  • continental breakfast each morning
  • refreshment break each afternoon
  • Lunch, dinner or cost of the hotel are not included


Hotel / Lodging:

Although not required, we strongly recommend staying at the hotel where the workshop is being held, even if you live locally. The workshop is highly experiential and couples who live locally report they wish they would have stayed at the hotel to experience the "retreat" atmosphere being together for the entire weekend. We typically have a discounted group rate at the hotel.


Continuing Education hours:

  • 21 CE hours are available for psychologist and social workers. See reciprocity information below for mental health professions and marriage and family therapists. See below for more information.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Your tuition will be refunded minus $200 which may be applied towards any future workshop.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (usually)
  • Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm each day, with a continental breakfast beginning at 8:15am
    Workshop begins Friday Morning at 9:00am sharp, and will end on Sunday Evening at 6:00pm
  • Breaks: There are 15 minute breaks approximately every one-and-a-half (1.5) hours, and a one-and-a-half (1.5) hour break for lunch at approximately 1:00pm each day


Upcoming Workshop Calendar 

Workshop for Couples in WASHINGTON, DC – “A Couple’s Journey”
Jan 25 @ 9:00 am – Jan 27 @ 6:00 pm

Hedy and Yumi's workshop for couples called “A Couple’s Journey” is a fast-paced, transformational three-day couples retreat. At this couples workshop, you and your partner will learn about:

  • the three Invisible Connectors that bring you together as a couple
  • the Relational Space that is the residence of your relationship as a couple
  • the inter-couple Bridge that allows for mutual visits
  • the expressability of one’s Truth in 5-6 words
  • the many Neighborhoods that exist in each partner’s world
  • each partner’s Heroic Life Journey
  • the Encounter that awaits each couple as they travel towards Connection
  • the Survival Dance that gets in the way of the Encounter

Visit this page for more information on the content of the workshop. If you want a taste of the workshop, you can enjoy watching video clips on our YouTube channel or our audio-video page.

Therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychologists are encouraged to attend with their partners. 21 CE hours, are available at an additional fee, approved by the APA and ASWB.

Please register as soon as possible to secure your place.

Tuition is $995/couple.

Register Now with the full tuition


Only a $200 Deposit needed to reserve your seats. Balance will be automatically charged two weeks prior to event. Monthly payment plan also available.

Register Now with $200 Deposit


Previous graduates of an Adventure In Intimacy workshop, a Getting The Love You Want workshop, and Imago Therapists are invited to attend for only $895/couple.

Register Graduates & Imago Therapists

Partial scholarships are available. Please fill out this application to be considered for a partial scholarship

The workshop will be held at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC, 901 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001. Phone: 202-824-9200. Please make your room reservation using this link, or by calling the hotel directly at 202-824-9200, and ask for the Hedy and Yumi Workshop group. The group rate is $251/night and will be held until January 18, 2019.
** If you find a lower rate, do make your reservation in our group rate/block, and we will pay you the difference between our rate and the rate you found. 

If you are interested in the January 25-27, 2019 couples workshop in Washington, DC, and would like more information to review with your partner, please complete the following:

21 Continuing Education Credits:

Available for an additional fee of $149.50

This course is co-sponsored by Amedco and Hedy + Yumi.  Amedco is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  Amedco maintains responsibility for this program and its content.  21 hours.

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Social workers participating in this course may receive up to 21 clinical continuing education clock hours.

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