Whatever stage your relationship is in, we offer Intensive two-day Private Sessions and Couples Workshops that will:

  • Help you and your partner re-establish effective communication
  • Transform your frustrations into vehicles for change
  • Increase the zest and passion in your relationship
  • Inspire you to experience healthy relationships
  • Grow your Relational Intelligence™ and help you reach Relational Maturity™

Have a “taste” of Hedy’s work as a skilled couples therapist through this short video clip from Hedy & Yumi’s documentary film Crossing The Bridge.

  • Are you looking to create a relationship that is safe, passionate, and long lasting?
  • Do you want to take your relationship to the next stage and re-connect with your partner in a new, exciting and much deeper level?
  • Is your marriage or life partnership in trouble, and you would like to turn it around?
  • Are you concerned that you are headed for a separation or divorce, and considering couples therapy sessions to help you change direction?
  • Are you searching for a skilled marriage counselor who will help you create the healthy relationship you never thought possible?
  • Are you interested in learning skills that will help you create more effective communication in your relationships, not only with your spouse or partner, but also with your children?
  • Are you trying to heal your relationship after a marital affair?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we admire you for wanting to fix what’s broken, build new and fresh opportunities to love and grow, and for wanting to love truly deeply again.

~ Michael Schneider
~ Michael Schneider
“The material could not have been better presented and extends to relationships beyond that with my partner.”
~ Ali
~ Ali
“It’s the best few days we have spent. Hedy is the most amazing presenter I have ever had seen. Your lives will be forever enriched.”
~  Ilana Spodick
~ Ilana Spodick
“Years of anxiety, fear, and apprehension melted away. I can do this and live happily ever after.”
~ Nancy Coyne
~ Nancy Coyne
“Hedy and Yumi profoundly changed our lives. I learned more in a weekend than in years of psychotherapy.”
~  Faye Perelis
~ Faye Perelis
“It helped me rid myself of wounds that I have been carrying since my childhood. I am now looking forward to being married to my husband and really sharing my complete being with him for the rest of my life.”
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
An amazing, wonderful, difficult, intense and perfect-as-can-be two-day session.
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
We returned home with much love, clarity and good ideas how to sustain what we felt and learned with you over those two incredible days.
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
Couple who has done a Private Intensive Session
We both feel an immense gratitude to you for your clarity, involvement, joy, intensity and knowing how to help us learn/feel and gain powerful understandings about who we are as individuals and who we were (and could be) as a couple.

We highly recommend attending the Adventure in Intimacy workshop for couples, and/or an Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive private two-day session.

Whether you are married, engaged, beginning a new relationship, or in a committed partnership (gay or straight), you will learn how to become each other’s best friend, and how to create a healthy, safe, passionate, long lasting relationship.


Hedy teaches how to keep the romance and excitement alive over time. Don’t miss this!

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How to Rebuild Your Life Together After an Affair

Watch this clip from the newly released AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection video program.

“Healing After an Affair” is a two-day experience developed by Hedy, for the repair of the rupture, in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together.

Watch Hedy’s TED talk
About the three invisible connectors:
“the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter”