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  1. Nancy Snell, CPC, PCC (New York, NY)

    My husband and I have been married for almost 35 years. Attending the Couple’s Journey workshop energized our relationship in such a sweet way. It was magical.

  2. Colleen Smith, LPC, from Virginia

    Doug and I enjoyed ourselves, grew closer, and gained new skills to use in the future. It was exactly what we had hoped for and more. Hedy is a MASTER and a true artist in the way she utilizes story. It was beautiful to witness.

  3. Rebecca Whitmore (Washington, DC)

    The Couple’s Journey Workshop was a special experience for us. My partner and I both deepened our understanding of each other and our commitment to creating a loving relationship. We also both grew in our individual understanding of ourselves. Hedy and Yumi are all inspiring and offer many pearls of wisdom for living a full and vibrant life. I would highly recommend this to any couple at any stage of relationship. We were very appreciative of having this experience!

  4. Amaryn Clare (Virginia, USA)

    A paragraph on something that has inspired me would be difficult to write as everything inspired me. The workshop was fundamentally life changing. There is a safety in our relationship that was not there before. Hedy and Yumi are brilliant and we will return again to further our journey. Thank you so much!

  5. Couple who attended the October 2018 "A Couple's Journey" workshop in Washington, DC

    Thank you Hedy and Yumy for an amazing, inspiring and teaching workshop. We finished the workshop thrilled and inspired, and it allowed us to talk about things that we haven’t in the past 14 years that we have been together. Thank you!

  6. Terry Weinberg, Psychologist

    No doubt this new workshop, for so many reasons, was completely different from the one I attended last year. I am looking forward to the next one as I’m sure once again, Hedy will come up with new insights of how couples can cross the bridge, clean their space, and make their unique encounters richer and deeper.

    My huge appreciation for Hedy stems from seeing a woman who insists on being a constant learner, and as such will always keep developing and improve her methods, arts and tools she shares with couples and therapists. Always curious to reveal more, learn more, open-minded and open-hearted to whatever the universe, brings to her doorstep. Her energy, wisdom and radiant presence are a huge source of inspiration for me in so many facets of my existence.

  7. Couple who met Hedy for a private Intensive session

    Thank you so very much for your guidance in finding our way to each other’s essence and for giving us a way to continue the work beyond the two days that we spent together. It was quite a revelation to see just how direct the path is when the relational space is prepared the way you showed us to do it. It was profoundly illuminating and touching to connect with each other and to see that we did it, with you as our guide, and that we can continue doing it ourselves.

  8. Witek & Hania (Poland)

    Hedy and Yumi’s lifetime experiences are so profound… and the crystal-clear way she shares them – we’ve NEVER met people of such a big format. That is why we volunteered for a demonstration – to have a chance to work with Hedy.

    As a result of the deep process, we promised each other to cross the bridge when we’re back home on a regular basis. And honestly, doing something ON A REGULAR BASIS has always been something beyond our reach. However making the promise in front of Hedy and the whole group has done its job. Last Saturday we did it for the second time at home – and we managed to reach the dimension that was needed to transform the climate we’d been living in for a long, long time. In revealing to each other what we feel and experience, we stripped ourselves naked. And a miracle happened! – it took us back to the connection we enjoyed in the first phase of our relationship, when we felt so real, alive and madly in love. Only this time it felt sooo much deeper and more grounded in reality.

    Thank you Hedy and Yumi for sharing this exceptional jewel you have with us. And we surely recommend you Guys – whoever reads it – to grasp the chance of transforming your relationship while they are still willing to travel and run workshops.

  9. Beth & Tim

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for a deeply touching, profoundly inspiring, and for us, nothing short of revolutionary workshop.

    As I’m sure you are told all the time, your love for each other is an inspiration in itself – as is your heroic insistence on choosing life and joy and love, always, no matter what. Thank you for sharing your love and light and energy with us!

    It was a longing for that deep connection, and the deep, heart-crippling, soul-withering sorrow of feeling disconnected, that brought us to your workshop. With your approach we now, finally, after 25 years together, have a shared language to not just talk about it, but to DO something about it… to build connection, and to grow together.

    Thank you and bless you! With love,
    Beth & Tim, attended “A Couple’s Journey” workshop

  10. Margie Grebin (Florida, USA)

    A wise, intelligent, compassionate and loving couple who have gifted the lives of many, bringing lovingkindness, respectful connection, and meaningful and productive dialogue into the “space between.” Thank you both for sharing your gifts, and being a blessing to those whose lives you have touched and those yet to be touched by you and your work! Much love, good health and continued blessings and joy to you both!

  11. Couple who met Hedy for a private intensive

    Thank you for your kindness, words of wisdom and wonderful assistance. You have a magical gift for bringing out the warm fuzzies, while acknowledging feelings and simultaneously nurturing the child within each one of us. You are amazing.

  12. Couple who met Hedy for a private session

    Our days with Hedy were three of the most pure, mutually respectful, honest and revealing of our relationship. I have taken away with me for safe keeping that moment in time and will honor it forever.

  13. Rev. Elizabeth Pankey-Warren, Florida USA

    I sent one of my clients and her boyfriend to Hedy and Yumi’s NEW Adventure in Intimacy couples workshop. She came back in a completely different space, more hopeful and optimistic. Thank you Hedy & Yumi for your good work with them.

  14. Louise - Attended couples workshop in 2003

    Hedy and Yumi’s workshop in 2003 changed the trajectory of our marriage. We loved each other so much but just seemed to be at war all of the time, and for sure, our marriage was not going to survive the road we were on. Those 2 days in a humble hotel in South Africa were the best investment of time and money we could ever have made. They ignited our journey of healing as a couple and as individuals. We laughed, cried and learned how to connect deeply and healthily in our relationship for the first time. We still have our workshop notebooks, which have traveled around the world with us for 14 years. Hedy and Yumi are forever etched in our love story. They are the sages who helped us to redefine our marriage, which significantly impacted not only our own lives, but also the lives of our children, parents, friends and family, all of whom were shaped positively by the changes made in our own marriage. It was not easy, but it is so worth it. We are always in grateful wonder that we stumbled upon Hedy and Yumi, and made the choice to invest in our marriage with them, two of the wisest and most wonderful people who taught us how to love each other well.

  15. Peg Seykora, Florida, USA

    We attended the New Adventure in Intimacy in January 2018 as a couple who has been together more than 30 years. We found this workshop very inspiring. Our relationship was strong going into it but found it was even closer and more intimate after spending a few days with Hedy and Yumi. The level of openness that was created by our guides made it safe to share intimate thoughts. Thank you both for sharing your unconditional love and humor with us. This is certainly an instrument to bring peace to individuals, couples and the world!!

  16. Skip Batcheller and Abigail Dietrick

    The most important things we learned at the work shop is that we are each responsible for the nurturance of the sacred space, and that the quality and shape of that space evolves, grows and deepens as we complete the encounter. We also learned the importance of the 5 words for describing how we feel-what is our truth. It is so easy to get into a tangle of words, and this practice helps to release us from that tangle. We learned what it means to be a good host, and a good visitor.
    We left the seminar training filled with joy, energy, and possibility.

  17. Merri and Alan

    My husband and I just completed the workshop in Miami- and first off, I am in love with Hedy and Yumi- they bring their love of life and love for each other into the courseroom and it resonates throughout the weekend❤️ Hedy’s skill level, love and intuitiveness is tremendous and allowed us to do a guided exercise that was life changing. My husband and I highly recommend you take a course and watch Hedy’s TEDTalk on YouTube to get her “Essence”.

    Thanks to you both with much love and gratitude.

  18. Cindy Fabico

    I had the distinct pleasure of attending “Put Magic into your Relationship” at the Sacred Space in Miami on January 11, 2018 presented by Hedy Schleifer and her wonderful husband Yumi. In a word it was YUMMY 😋. As a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist with years of training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy- I have begun using the methods that Hedy has developed and find that they are creating ABSOLUTE MAGIC in the relationships that show up in my room. I have attended Hedy’s workshops for professionals but this was my first experience observing her work directly with couples and while I was not surprised by her effectiveness, I was blown away by it nevertheless. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for your heart centered work. You are changing the world by changing the relational space between people. You are a blessing to behold! – Cindy 💕🙏🏻🤩

  19. Kate Steinbacher, PCC (Virginia, USA)

    Being married is not for sissies! And, there are few places where you can obtain powerful tools to navigate the journey as a couple in meaningful and lasting ways for both partners. Hedy and Yumi Schleifer have created just such tools and teach and model their use with intelligence, humor, safety and great warmth! Having just spent two days in their presence in a Hybrid workshop learning with them, I can say without reservation they have helped bring back the true essence and joy between my husband and Me. We have been challenged with some major life circumstance and now feel equipped to go forward with these challenges with love and determination. Hedy and Yumi taught us about a place for communication where arguing and sniping do not exist and where amazing creativity and understanding can occur between partners.

  20. Robin Schletter, New York

    How does one put the experience of a momentous transformation into a few sentences? I will try. My husband and I are married for 30 years. On the surface, one would say it is a very good marriage. We have raised two wonderful children (with many difficulties along the way), bought and built homes, travelled the world, etc. etc. etc. With the children out of the house and the sparkle of “things” faded, it became astonishingly evident that what we didn’t have was a deep connection.

    Hedy and Yumi took us down a path that has resulted in an awakening that I never knew could exist. It’s almost like we have been robots all these years and now with fresh eyes and a way to use those eyes to truly see each us other our life has been changed forever. I have told our children that before they get married they too must take their partners to Hedy and Yumi and learn how to cross the bridge to truly see each other.

  21. Heather

    Please convey Steve and my deepest appreciation for the wonderful, caring, professional and brilliant workshop you all hosted for Hedy and Yumi. It was a real TEAM effort which facilitated and allowed the brilliance of Hedy and Yumi to emerge seamlessly. It was exceptional – Hedy Yumi and the Team did a sterling job.

  22. Lynn & John Elvidge

    The three days just disappeared so quickly. Although it was intense, the pace was perfect because it gave us lots of time to work at connecting…in crossing the bridge. It was such sheer joy to be doing it with John as I couldn’t wish for a more wonderful husband. We enjoyed being in the hotel and meeting other couples and going for walks on the estate. It was such a restful place…felt like we’d been on holiday and funnily enough, I’ve come away feeling somewhat bereft…I miss being there with everyone.

  23. Sharon Kaplansky, MA

    The couples 3-day workshop for therapists in London has opened my eyes, ears, mind, heart and body and transcended me to a new place where love exists and everything is possible. I was taught to feel and think out of my box and to appreciate the gift of life.

  24. Kecia & Edward Maturo

    We attended the Adventures in Intimacy workshop AND WOW! It has made a huge difference in our relationship. This should be a mandatory premarital class for couples. It was painful and tearful and heart wrenching and so rewarding because for the first time my husband I were not passively listening and responding but engaging with one another…and we love it!

  25. Couple who had an Intensive Session

    Thank you for restoring our marriage of 38 years. We have been through many years of marriage therapy, spending unseemly amounts of money trying to learn how to communicate more effectively. Nothing really changed in the past. We always resorted back to our same bad dance in how we relate to one another.

    Hedy’s guidance was totally different. She’s perceptive, intuitive and truly professional. She has developed a very structured, well thought out way to get couples to not only HEAR one another but truly WANT to LISTEN!!!!

    Both of us were suspect going into this. We felt burnt out on our experience with past therapists and having to retell our respective story over and over again. But even worse we both felt malnourished, misunderstood, lonely and angry in our marriage.

    We left our 2 day session with Hedy feeling that we not only understood one another better, but also appreciated one another more. We understand why we initially fell in love with one another, and are so grateful that we have one another.

    But most importantly we know now how to avoid resorting back to old bad habits. We recommend this for every couple whether they are having marital issues or just want to learn how to avoid them in the future.

  26. Couple who met Hedy for a private Intensive Session

    My soul was starved for a heart-felt intimacy bond with my husband. We seemed to be at war over the matter – he silent and distancing and me demanding he come forward to see me, hear me and feel me. We did not know what to do. Thank God for the tools you provided us to grow our marriage into the heaven on earth we are born to be.

  27. Mark

    Thank you for a challenging and inspiring three days together. Some of what came up between us was really tough. Much was very moving and beautiful. I had several glimpses of how deep this work can go and I look forward to returning and revisiting and deepening.

  28. Ran and Lilach

    Our weekend with Hedy and Yumi’s workshop (adventure in intimacy) – was just as inspiring and amazing as we had hoped for. The ability to distill and purify the emotions behind our actions in as little as a single word as well as the ability to listen, feel and witness without prejudice to our partner – offered us a unique experience and a fantastic reminder of why we chose each other to begin with. Thank you.

  29. Nick and Lucy

    Thank you a thousand times for your beautiful course. We came away restored and energized for our next 25 years.

  30. Lesley & Bernard

    If you are reading this and you are wondering whether or not to attend a workshop with Hedy & Yumi, stop reading. Stop wondering. Just say YES. Click on the ATTEND WORKSHOP button now. Make your hotel reservation. Figure out your childcare if you need childcare. (We did!) Do this thing. Spend these days with Hedy & Yumi. They will change your life. They will change your partner’s life. The two of you, along with everyone else who attends the workshop, will go on a journey unlike any other journey. You will journey to a deep and joyous and loving place. That’s the place Hedy & Yumi will take you. Go.

  31. Colleen & Cary

    A big thank you for the workshop. It is draining, challenging and worth it. I know I have lots to digest and hope to feel renewed and ready for the next opportunities! Your presentations and the impact you have on couples is very powerful. There is amazing energy and the silence in the room when a couple is working with you is incredible. People are feeling and stretching with the working couple. It takes a gift and talent to create that type of environment. Thank you!

  32. Darrell Goodin, California, USA

    Our 40 year marriage already worked but we wanted more. The workshop taught us how to connect with ourselves and with each other on a whole new level of intimacy. Hedy and Yumi are a living example of the techniques they teach and masterfully guide you through. It is wonderful to see your loved one through fresh eyes and realize the great potential for future happiness together.

  33. jonathan lawson

    My experience was transcendent! I could not have imagined the profound impact that the Adventure in Intimacy Workshop would have on myself and my relationship. Hedy is the most amazing person that I have ever met!

  34. joanne stone

    Hedy and Yuni’s workshop was incredible.I have attended a lot of workshops over the past 10 years and this was by far one of the most beautiful and profound teachings on listening and being present to your partner or loved ones.

  35. Couple who met Hedy for a two-day private Intensive

    We have great, great news to announce to you: we are always on honeymoon since our EcCT Intensive, even if several events could have made us tumble in our previous behaviors! Wow! We celebrate! Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Hedy!! Our inner children applaud with both hands and give you a wink of gratitude.

  36. Couple who saw Hedy for a two-day private Intensive

    We both feel very blessed to be guided by you through one of the most extraordinary journeys we have ever taken. The private session seemed to compress into it a life-time of seeking. Since seeing you, as two adult bus drivers, we’ve navigated hairpin turns very differently than ever before. And we’ve set in place obtaining the marriage license! We are convinced the work with you will also revolutionize how we work with others. Thank you! We think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for this work.

  37. Melissa Cramer, LCSW

    I am so grateful to have found a space to meet my partner, a chance to hear his voice and to share our emotional experiences. We found this place at the “Adventures in Intimacy” workshop. With the guidance of Hedy and Yumi and the practice over the three day workshop, we are now able to meet each other, really attune to each other, when we communicate. As a therapist, I know how to create this space with clients but found it more difficult with my partner. This adventure would be invaluable to any couple. Additionally, I am excited that my partner is incorporating what he learned in his parenting of our daughters!!!

  38. Heather & Tony Marasse

    Hedy and Yumi are masters in the field of development. Their approach for developing intimacy in relationships is a magical combination of educational depth, transformational coaching and practical wisdom. As a result, potential is unlocked and real, meaningful growth (and intimacy!) occurs. We have been married for 35 years, have participated twice in their “Adventure in Intimacy” program, and highly recommend it for couples – at any point in their relationship journey together!

  39. dafna bareket

    dear hedy@yumi
    I have no words to describe the deepest feelings i had after i took part in the couples workshop that had carried out last june in israel. your fully presence touched all Who sat in the room and enchant them. I had the sense of coming home and together with Amir the feeling of home, as we never felt before. It was gorgeous experience to be held by you two, wrapped in love with such care and such softness. the wisdom of your eyes and the contact of your smile penetrate our heart and flooded it with joy and happiness. your relations are something to learn from by being whole but not perfect- it was very exciting to meet such adequacy between speech and behavior. you gave us a huge gift and the world have a huge luck to have you as visionaries and mentors.thank you very much i am looking forward to meet you again and study more of the new language get into our life. I appreciate, cherish and love you very much. wish you all the best dafna bareket.

  40. Sonja Meyrer

    After 26 years of marriage, my husband and I realized we still had some important things to learn. We left the workshop not only with practical tools to safely address frustrations and concerns but also with a renewed hope that we can both feel valued, understood and cared for in our relationship. Hedy and Yumi bring decades of experience, science, practice and love to the room. If you and your partner find yourselves “stuck” or even slightly resigned, I would suggest you run, not walk, to the next opportunity to join this lively, warm and funny couple.

  41. Jade Gates, attended February 2016 workshop for couples

    Hedy and Yumi,

    I want to thank you ¬for your help, your chutzpah, the peace you are creating on the planet and the greatest gift (the cheer) I have ever received. Three days now and I am still seeing and hearing and feeling the cheer. That cheer was so big I’m sure it burst out of the room, down the hall past the bagels, through the lobby and even behind the check-in counter. Perhaps some of the hotel guests and employees even stood up straighter feeling a sense of support. That cheer happened in the safe space that you both created and that Tom took a risk in. We both want to thank you for the knowledge, love, support and connection.

    Jade Gates

  42. A couple who saw Hedy for a private Intensive session

    “There are no words to describe the gratitude we both feel at the immense gift you bestowed upon us! For me personally, I feel that years of therapy did not do for me what these two days of your guidance through such creative soulful encounter did. thank you! thank you! thank you! My heart if overflowing and I look forward to continuing this work and meeting you again soon.”

  43. Edwige and Pierre Lanthier Moisan

    Your seminar is certainly a huge step in my way of being, thinking, living. I am using STOP often day and night when I am surprising myself in the wrong path. “Intimacy” is the word and “feeling” to help me now when I am with couples, to help them to find a peaceful place to be together, a way to open and not to struggle, to win anymore. I am more in my feet and heart to help. What I should know to help takes less space.

    We were very happy to have the honour to have worked with you. We are very grateful. Thank you very much for your couple and work.

    See you soon in Switzerland ! We hope.
    Huge kisses to both of you. And thanks to Geoffrey.

    Edwige and Pierre Lanthier Moisan – seminar 15/17 june 2015 in Switzerland

  44. L. & F. (couple who attended the workshop)

    We didn’t know what to expect at the “Adventure in Intimacy” workshop in Miami last weekend, but had no idea how powerful it would be. While we are not unique in feeling a rebirth in our marriage after your workshop, it is worthy of a special thank you. So, thank you for your positive energy and the captivating program you so effectively administer.
    Thank you for creating the relational space where we were able to communicate at a level neither of us ever experienced. We thank you for connecting us to our childhood and helping us understand the driving forces of our behavior. Thank you for explaining the universal sages of relationships and the various components of the brain that epitomizes what makes us tick. And most of all, we thank you for allowing us to experience first hand the results we achieved by “crossing the Bridge” that has significantly enriched our relationship. We are happy and at peace in our hearts, for the first time in a very, very, very long time and we are motivated to continue using your tools to maintain the connection you have facilitated. Your voices continue to echo in our minds and soothe our souls. You really went above and beyond.

  45. Will MacHendrie MD, and Carol MacHendriez LISW

    We recently attended Hedy and Yumi’s three-day workshop in Miami after being fans of her work for years. It exceeded our expectations on every level and we are only regretful that we did not attend sooner. Our long-term relationship, which was quite good before we arrived, became more enlivened, and the EcCT process facilitated us to go to greater depths in our intimacy. It was such a delicious experience to be held with such care and grace by the skill, warmth, and wisdom of two seasoned professionals. It is rare for us to have mentors at this stage of our lives and careers as we mentor many ourselves. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for your authenticity, intelligence, creativity and humanity.

    Will MacHendrie MD
    Carol MacHendriez LISW

  46. Lisanne & Andrea Prinze

    We were with you in London in June, and life is different after this Adventure in Intimacy (an adventure it was, definitely!). I am so much safer, my husband so much more relaxed and we made a quantum leap in enjoying each others company. We also started a box with ideas/frustrations/concerns to share in Bridges, the contents is growing fast… so there will be many opportunities to practice. The safe, warm, comfortable, joyful and passionate space after doing a Bridge is just amazing, and it spreads also into the time after it.
    Lots of love and Blessings

  47. Couple from the September workshop

    Dear Hedy & Yumi,

    “Thank you again for the most transformative, inspiring, loving and helpful three days we have ever spent together – and with 70 other people!! As a result of your workshop, we have found such a good and peaceful and loving space to live in. Our talking and feeling for one another has not stopped. We love the bridge – what an incredible concept. We are so full of gratitude and thank you so deeply for sharing this special gift with us. We are a couple that have been reborn … rekindled with so much love in just three days. It was hard work and a lot of tears were shed, as well as unnecessary layers of “stuff” that prevented us from truly seeing not only each other, but ourselves.

    We send our heartfelt thanks for your brilliance in creating this workshop…and we treasure that we had the opportunity to experience your wisdom and truly transform!!”

  48. Alan McDougall

    What a wonderful weekend we had with you. I understood for the first time why effective communication can be so elusive and learned how Liisa and I can communicate our deepest feelings to each other in a safe, secure and loving way, both now and for the rest of our lives together. This has resulted in me falling more in love with Liisa than I have ever been So there are no adequate words to express how grateful I am to you both for sharing your experiences, your lives and your love with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What an opportunity you have given us!
    If you are reading this and you have the chance to spend time with Hedy and Yumi give your relationship the best possible available gift and take it!
    Liisa and I will treasure the time we spent with you and remember you fondly each time we cross the bridge. I’m so glad our paths kept crossing in Basel. With love, Alan McDougall

  49. Patty Reed-Reimer

    I can’t tell you how often I recommend Hedy and Yumi’s Adventures in Intimacy and the whole website. My husband and I experienced it in 1995. It changed our lives. Now married 32 years and so happy. I’m so glad they still do them.
    Warmest Regards,

  50. Zori-California

    Dear Hedy and Yumi, It has been sometime now since I met you both at Monterey Workshop, and there is no words to express my deep gratitude for the gift you gave to me. The gift, the opportunity, the freedom to love and being vulnerable apart from my adaptive suit is more than anything I have asked for at this stage of my family life. You have made me better person for me and people around me. So, simply Thank You

  51. Bonnie & Ed Dolan

    Hedy and Yumi gave us a beautiful gift of connection at a recent workshop in Miami.
    The powerful tools opened our hearts in a way that we never dreamed possible.
    My husband and I renewed our marriage of 50 years and became new best friends filled with love and passion. Our relationship has been transformed and we are eternally grateful.

  52. Elite

    Hedy and Yumi’s incredible skill, grace, empathy, wisdom, and humor made us all feel welcome, and created a safe space to open up and extend ourselves.

    The experiential nature of the workshop helped my partner and me understand and absorb the lessons of Hedy and Yumi in a deep way, and brought our relationship to a new stage. We regularly use the techniques we learned in the workshop to practice and strengthen that newfound connection and understanding; and it has improved our relationships with those around us, as well.

  53. Kris Copeland (Massachusetts, USA)

    I just wanted to say “Thank You” both for your work, and for teaching me how to truly listen and understand… I went to a weekend workshop about 10+ years ago… maybe 14 years ago, and it changed my life. We are at 23yrs together now and still listening to each other!

  54. Mary Dispenza

    Our three days with Hedy and Yumi were magical. I have always been a person longing for inspiration to do better, be better, and love better – to put it another way to lift up my soul and fill it with grace. And that is exactly what happened. I am especially grateful knowing that I can cross over the bridge to deeper understanding and common ground. Once I am there with my spouse it becomes impossible to hang on to anger and resentment for I have met her on sacred ground and she has met me. And in that moment, we are one, at peace and in love.

  55. Rebecca L. Marcus, LCSW, attended July 2014 workshop

    Chris and I left this weekend with an entirely altered perspective on our relationship. It was truly the beginning of us talking and ‘hearing’ each other in ways we had only been talking around for the past few years. After recently starting at Families by Design, Dr. Laurie Emery introduced me to the ideas and practice of the visit, in addition Chris and I had practiced with her for a session. However, being in that space this weekend we took it a step further and committed to continuing that journey together. This was the first personal development workshop we had attended together after our separate work (Mankind Project, The Gratitude Trainings, etc.)

    We left with what words cannot completely capture, a new understanding and connection to each other. Including my agreement to spin around the room and ask him “to tell me more” whenever (and always) he pays me a compliment. It brings tears to my eyes the level of authenticity, comfort, passion, integrity and connection I felt with you both. I am especially grateful for the interest you took, Yumi, in starting the weekend by asking me about my choice to marry Chris and reminding me just by your looking over at me why I was there.

    There is more to say, but for now I want you to know that I am jumping up and down and shouting THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU as I type this to you.

    In gratitude,
    Rebecca L. Marcus, LCSW

  56. Faye Perelis

    This intimacy workshop did more than just make me realize how deep my love is for my husband, but it helped me rid myself of wounds that I have been carrying since my childhood. To realize that my energy has been stuck in childhood was a huge revelation. I, for the first time, am looking forward to being married to my husband and really sharing my complete being with him for the rest of my life. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for what you have given us. I will always cherish you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  57. Ron Zimmet

    I just finished attending Hedy & Yumi’s workshop. I have been before. As always the workshop was helpful and important for my relationship. It was a reminder of how profoundly we all share the same human experience.

  58. Jay White

    It’s hard to imagine a workshop that’s both more submerging and uplifting than this one. This Hedy & Yumi workshop is about bridging from an unconscious child self to a fully engaged adult, and in that way, discovering a practical and magical way to connect with one’s partner and the world. It’s a beautiful and daunting, unsettling and reassuring ritual anyone can use to gain greater insight into the power of connection. WOW!
    jay white, minneapolis

  59. Donna and Evan Wolfe

    We loved this weekend’s workshop. It really opened our minds and our hearts. We felt like we just met the Beatles !!!!!! Donna and Evan Wolfe Miami, Florida

  60. Jack Bloomfield

    Although anxious as we were originally committing to attend and then eventually walking in the door a few months later, we were thrilled at all that we learned and experienced. We received very deep insights and wisdom not only from Hedy and Yumi but all of the couples that attended as well as to how to go even deeper in our relationship.

    My thoughts are thus….If you want to learn from the greatest teachers regarding peace and unity, listen to Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. If you want to learn from the greatest teachers regarding relationships, spend a weekend with Hedy and Yumi at an Adventure in Intimacy Workshop. Your marriage/relationship is guaranteed to be transformed.

    Jack and Janice Bloomfield – Florida, U.S.A.

  61. Bob & Melinda Cunningham, January 2013 workshop

    I cannot express enough my appreciation for what you have done to enrich my marriage (and life) with your workshop. The time we spent with both of you, your staff and all those wonderful people who attended was probably the most valuable thing I have ever done since I met my loving/beautiful wife. It was magical. But it went far beyond the two of us and has affected everything in our lives – our kids, family, friends, employees, etc. Like you both said, it is that space between us that makes all the difference! Our practice is to honor that space and it is working.
    We love you and pray for you and can’t wait to visit with you again.
    God Bless!

  62. Anne and Bob Van Gieson USA

    We feel rejuvenated, joyful and full of hope for our relationship. Hedy and Yumi opened new doors for us and introduced us to new ways of communicating. Riveting, expanding, they provide a dialogue which takes one down previously untraveled paths.
    Hedy and Yumi are very special human beings doing very important work.

  63. Barry and Iris Yost

    This was not only and Adventure in Intimacy, it was a life changing experience! One of the personal growth personalities I have is to “Use less words”. This will be my first attempt and getting my points made with less words!
    Hedy and Yumi are two of the most self actualized human beings I have ever met. They graced us with their time, their stories of grief, their strength and joy, humor and Judiac traditions. They have lived and evolved into what they teach which made it instantly easy for my husband to be comfortable and become a participant.
    Ego’s quickly melted away after the first couple shared their stories with the guidance of a master, Hedy!
    The amazing sunshine around this loving, playful couple, made us each aspire to have a deep long term respect for our partners.
    They say it is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but this workshop proves that theory so very wrong! Instead it opens your minds, your heart and your soul to help you realize why you tick the way you do biologically and helps you realize how this will affect your relationships. The guidance on how to tap into that knowledge from our childhoods seamed impossible, but was quickly proven a reality!
    Bridging will be my “forever” go to tool.
    This course can take a very difficult relationship and open the doors to solving the problems. It can transform a healthy relationship into a much more soulful connection. Therapists can practicing what they preach. Wherever you are on this list….stop reading this and sign up now!
    Thank you Hedy and Yumi for sharing yourselves with us! It was truly a special time in our lives. We wish you so much more love and joy and excellent health far beyond 106 years old!

  64. Catherine & Marty McHugh (Maryland, USA)

    Our dream of quitting the power struggle and dropping the shit were transformed into a slice of paradise as we ‘crossed the bridge’ in the Art of Sexual Connection workshop! Elegant – sensual – holy – amazing!!

  65. Michael Schneider

    While I had to “drag” my partner to the event, he turned out to be the one most committed to the weekend and the relational change it proposed. It is not easy to really make change and become cognizent to one’s negative interpersonal dynamics. But the exercises help make it more palatable as the awareness and stretching certainly continue beyond the 3 days. One starts to look at a whole range of things differently, including how one spends one’s precious time (do we really want to exercise our cerebellum with this violent movie?). We now find ourselves laughing aloud when we catch eachother following old patterns (“admitting illegal aliens” into our communications for instance). We owed ourselves this focus on the health of our relationship not previously taken. The material could not have been better presented and extends to relationships beyond that with my partner.

  66. Ali, UK

    Hedy and Yumi are extraodinary, not only do they teach an amazing model, they model every bit of what they believe in in their own relationship. We have gained so much, the beautiful, gentle and caring relationship we now have is all down to ‘crossing the bridge’ its the most valuable ‘tool’ i and we have ever learned and it is helping us to develop and grow our understanding of one another in ways we never thought was possible. We help each other all the time, we laugh, we heal and listen and validate. Its beautiful and now we have also been lucky enough to be with Hedy & Yumi while they shared how to help other couples, we are already making a difference to mothers and daughters and partners and using the method in business too. Its the best few days we have spent and Hedy is one of the most amazing presenters I have ever had the pleasure to experience and learn from. Please go and spend some time with them, your lives will be forever enriched.
    Ali, Derbyshire, UK

  67. Kursner David

    Mon épouse et moi venons de faire le stage Adventure in Intimacy pour la deuxième fois en compagnie de Hedy et Yumi. Ce fut une nouvelle fois une magnifique expérience, une ouverture du coeur vertigineuse! Un bonheur fou pour notre couple. Contagieux qui plus est, notamment pour nos trois enfants.
    Grâce à Hedi et Yumi, je perçois le couple comme un lieu de guérison, et non plus comme un lieu de compromis. Un lieu de guérison non seulement pour soi, son partenaire, sa “lignée”, mais encore pour l’humanité entière. La profondeur et l’amour dégagés par cette simple présence offerte dans “le Pont” semblent faire s’ouvrir le Ciel et la Terre, s’arrêter le temps. Le présent comme un Temple sacré, offert dans l’amour du couple.
    Ça paraît mystique, près été ainsi, mais tous ceux qui étaient présents ont pu le ressentir par eux-mêmes, même les plus sceptiques.
    J’encourage donc quiconque tenté par l’aventure de s’y plonger, une fois dans son existence. Cela vaut tous les voyages.
    David, Lausanne

  68. Ilana Spodick

    Hedy and Yumi’s Adventures in Intimacy workshop is were you want to be. My husband and I can already feel a shift in our relationship just having been to the workshop. We are starting to use some of the techniques and our relationship space is calmer. Now when we have an issue arise I feel hopeful about its resolution where as before I felt frustrated, stumped, and doubtful about my choice of partner. I always heard that you marry someone like your mother/father and that you choose a partner to heal your childhood, and this process really helped me ‘connect the dots’ with my past and see how it effects us in our communication. I learned a greater appreciation of where my partner is coming from and a deeper compassion for myself through our childhood experiences.
    Both my husband and I have mother’s that are therapist, we have been to an Imago workshop before, and have done some couple counseling, though no other process has ‘cut to the chase’ with such immediate results. It melts away years of anxiety, fear, and apprehension surrounding relationships. All of a sudden it feels like we can do this and live ‘happily ever after.’

    Ilana Spodick, Salem, MA

  69. Nancy Coyne

    Hedi and Yumi changed our lives in a profound way. I learned more in a weekend than in many years of psychotherapy. I am working up to 100 loving gestures a day.

  70. Mark Boyd

    My partner and I had life changing experience and we hope to continue applying what we learned.. Thank you Hedy and Yumi, you were both inspirational.

  71. Heather Reed

    My partner and I loved the workshop. We were completely comfortable being in the company of Hedy and Yumi as an openly gay couple. We are able now to seek our visions and live harmoniously because of what was presented and what we observed from Hedy and Yumi. Thank you

  72. Judi Spendelow, PsyD - Couple's Counselor

    I should add for the benefit of others that I have found the concepts, approach and skills offered through Adventures in Intimacy to be so powerful that “Crossing the Bridge” is becoming increasingly central to the work that I do with my own couples, as well as to my own connection with my partner. I can’t wait to receive additional training in Hedy’s Master Class to spread the word about this most deeply intimate way of connecting with one’s partner and healing one’s own wounds. Judi Spendelow, Denver, Colorado

  73. Judi Spendelow, PsyD

    This workshop has contributed immensely to my ability to connect with Michael, my beloved partner of 20 years plus. We continue to practice “Crossing the Bridge” regularly, and have in fact created our own sacred space in our living room for this practice. With much love to you, Hedy & Yumi!

  74. Lola and Greg Sendler

    Dear Hedy and Yumi

    You may not remember us, but I thought you would appreciate knowing how we are doing.

    We “bridge” once or twice a week, and we have become practiced enough with this tool that we now have complete trust in the process; we have come to know that whatever needs to come to the surface will indeed come, even if we are not conscious of it when one of us invites the other to come over the bridge into their world. We also have experienced, time and time again, that there is nothing too great, or too small, for a bridge visit. Infrequently, when we have not crossed the bridge in the space of a week, we find ourselves longing for that special intimacy that a bridge crossing invariably renders.

    Just yesterday, a series of circumstances and casual choices led to a breaking point for Lola, who told me, quite emphatically, that we needed a bridge crossing. One year ago, a statement like that would have threatened me greatly, and my defenses would not have allowed any real communication to take place between us in this area of need. Now, one year later, I truly welcomed this as a heartfelt gesture of love and trust from my partner. As a visitor, there is no fear, because, no matter how deeply the surface issue may be connected to formidable and ancient wounds, I am being welcomed into some of the most secret and intimate corners of my partner’s life. And when I am the one inviting, I never cease to be moved on the deepest level of my being by the soft and open eyes of my visiting partner, looking right into my soul with only love and acceptance. Areas that once were terrifying and dangerous now become sacred meeting places. Areas that may have seemed long dead, chilled by resignation or even frozen with cynicism, now spring to life with unimagined possibilities. Space between us that was littered and clogged with emotional garbage, polluted with creeping toxicity, became clean and clear, open and safe. And into this newly open and clear space rushes compassion, tenderness, understanding, renewed attentiveness, and sometimes, even arousal!

    After receiving all that Lola needed to share with me, it occurred to me that this bridge crossing was perhaps the most fitting way to mark and celebrate the first anniversary of our particular Intimacy workshop. We consider that workshop one of the best investments we have ever made! We both could thank you for the rest of our lives, and it would not be enough. We thank you not only for what you gave us, but for the great love you two demonstrated in conducting the workshop. You gave us all 100% of your presence. In our faith, there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends; Hedy and Yumi, you laid down your lives for strangers. God bless you and your work for always!

    Lola and Greg Sendler

  75. Cathy and Alan Rosenberg

    My husband Alan and I did your workshop in Ft. lauderdale, FL in 1990?. My son was a baby and we were struggling with our relationship. Our weekend with you changed the course of our relationship.. showed us that we were our own teachers and the perfect pairing. We are so joyfully in love and laugh every day. My son is 16 and my daughter is 13. We thank you for your wisdom and for sharing it with us when we needed it so desperately.

    You changed our lives forever and we always remember you with great admiration and fondness.

  76. Couple from Tampa, FL

    We were at your retreat last weekend in Miami. I can’t begin to describe the impact you had on our relationship – we feel like we’re on our honeymoon, only 40 some years later. No longer in conflict, we do a “Bridge” every evening before dinner, no longer walking on eggshells. We’re a team again!
    Touching, talking.
    Thank you, thank you so much for your help and insight, and personal advise.

  77. Atousa Hajshirmohammah, University Faculty Member

    Your workshop opened my eyes & my heart to parts of me, my partner, and the rest of the world which I didn’t know existed.

  78. Clayton Heathcock, Emeritus Professor

    Hedy and Yumi are an awesome example of a connected couple.

  79. Lisa Ahearn, Billing Consultant

    I wish I had come last year! I feel confident that my husband and I can finally be connected and I will have the love/lover I’ve always wanted – and thought divorce might be the only way.

  80. Anne Dobbie, Life Coach

    The Rolls-Royce of conscious loving.

  81. D. Heartlife (Hearty), Earth Capades Environmental Vaudeville

    Hedy and Yumi are authentic, dynamic and incredibly funny human beings. They make it a joyful experience to learn how to go deep into exploring, healing and celebrating our relationship.

  82. Chris Hundhausen, Professor

    Fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for the ride of your life with your partner. You will learn new skills that will take you and your partner to uncharted lands of connection, growth, and communion.

  83. Howard Rock, Professor of History

    A great exploration of self and of relationship with a magnificent sense of professionalism.

  84. Jan Friedle, Portfolio Manager

    What does it mean to be alive? The first steps to answering that question are to be found in Hedy and Yumi’s workshop. Fantastic!

  85. Tad Ferguson, Business Owner

    If you are willing to keep your mind, heart, and being open during Hedy and Yumi’s workshop experience, you will be blessed with life fulfilling gifts to carry with you for the rest of your days.

  86. Mike Lewandowske, Pastor/President & CEO

    Rarely are we given a gift that the whole world can benefit from, and (the workshop) is one of those gifts.

  87. Barbara Fagan-Smith, CEO

    Hedy and Yumi are a beautiful, living example of how sweet and rich relationships can be!

  88. Jim Lovewell, Engineering Manager

    Hedy and Yumi bring the richness of their love for each other as living examples. I thank you for your humanity!

  89. Jennifer Steil, Artist, Spiritual Director

    This has been a powerful holistic experience. I feel I have been guided into the sacred of relationship by spiritual masters. A great gift; a divine bless of God; a great healing.

  90. Layla DiMeola

    The experience was more than I could have ever hoped for and brought so much life and completeness into what I thought was a lost cause at one point. And for giving us this gift, I thank Hedy with all my heart (because she truly IS a gift herself!).

  91. Enid Ponn, Attorney

    This workshop was beyond magical, beyond miraculous. It was not only “relationship-saving”, it really felt “life-saving” emotionally and spiritually.

  92. Greg Lauber, Executive Consultant

    The principles and rituals we learned in the workshop will be a part of our lives, and our family’s for a lifetime.

  93. Haydee Rojac, Orlando

    I did not think such a workshop existed; I have re-discovered love, fun, excitement within me. I have hopes and dreams of what can be. I leave with a bigger smile, a bigger heart and a newly discovered love for my partner and life in general.

  94. Ross Solomon, Johannesburg South Africa

    Wow!! It seems like for the first time in my life I have managed to open my heart and not my head in a workshop. And it feels exciting, scary, tearful, joyous, rapturous and sore.

  95. David Steele, LMFT

    Hedy and Yumi are unique – human, open, authentic, absolutely real. They put their heart and soul into connecting with every participant, combining their material with unconditional love, humor, and incredible wisdom, to provide a life changing experience that can’t be duplicated.

  96. Loren Eddelman, Johannesburg, South Africa

    When I got engaged I knew I had a future, now I have a vehicle to ensure I get there.

  97. Dr. Cheri R. Hadley, Dept. of Chemistry, University of California

    My husband and I had been working on our troubled marriage for a while. This three-day, wonderfully experiential workshop suddenly clarified for us the tools at our disposal and gave us a deep perspective on the purpose and potential of our relationship. My investment in our relationship shifted when I realized, after years of not believing so, that this marriage CAN be the nurturing, lively, fun primary relationship that I have wished for. A terrific bonus of this workshop is that you get to spend three days with two persons, a teacher-couple, who were struggling mightily and who, with steady determination and consciousness, molded a union that is truly inspirational.

  98. Gil Blackburn, Business Owner

    An eye-opening experience that allowed us to look at our relationship in ways we couldn’t before. Worth every minute of our time and every dollar. A great investment in ‘US’.

  99. Renee Tucker, Teacher

    After completing the workshop, we will now be able to show our small daughters what a loving relationship looks like.

  100. Sauda Garett, Life Coach

    Although we were unlike the other workshop participants, the issues of couples are the same and transcend sexual preference, gender, race, class and age.

  101. Steve Kairis, Executive

    We are not taught to successfully communicate with our spouses. This workshop provides an excellent method to create communication and growth as individuals and as a couple.

  102. Stephen Fairley, President, Today's Leadership Coaching, Inc.

    As an executive coach, this workshop sharpened my ability to impress upon company leaders how to build powerful, dynamic relationship. As a husband, it equipped me with insightful tools to take the relationship with my wife to a deeper level of intimacy. Thank you! Thank you!

  103. Jeff Strobel, Arbonne International

    When my wife and I went to lunch and were trying to talk about something using the “cross the bridge” technique, I started getting angry and thinking how this was ridiculous and didn’t work. But as lunch continued, we tried it a little more and I had the breakthrough that I was able to separate our relationship from the problem. Thank you!

  104. Laura Girardeau, Writer

    Hedy and Yumi’s incredible warmth, humor, and intuition make their workshops move to the spiritual level. Their emphasis on the connection process as sacred ritual rather than just dialogue sparked a spiritual, magic fire that we can keep glowing at home.

  105. Bruce M. Hyman, Psychotherapist

    Hedy is the finest presenter I have ever seen. The chemistry with Yumi is inspiring and opens up for me a possibility for a relationship I had not known.

  106. Alice O’Rourke, Retired Educator

    If you thought Tom Cruise was crazy in his enthusiasm about Katie Holmes, wait until you try this relational workshop and see your partner with “new eyes”!

  107. Dr. Rosemarie S. Monaco, Life Balance Coach and Chiropractor

    If you want to improve your relationship, you can see a therapist for months on end, or you can ride on the nosecone of the Hedy and Yumi Schleifer rocket and accomplish the result in a weekend. You’ll be grateful for every minute and every dime you invest because the knowledge is long lasting and sure to be life altering.

  108. Kris Ang

    There are a total of seven rituals for couples to practice and each ritual taught, brought us to a deeper level of understanding towards our spouse and as a group. Every experience touched us in more ways than one, and at the end of each practice every single soul in the room is able to connect at different levels…

    Kris Ang, Private Member Organization, Malaysia

  109. Sharon Cappellazo

    Hedy & Yumi Schleifer have been married for 42 years, she calls him her 18th husband very early on in the 3 day Adventure in Intimacy workshop. The “Adventure” is based in part on Imago Therapy developed by Harville Hendrix. I had a very powerful unexpected life changing ah ha experience during the workshop which Hedy gently guided my through. I think Hedy needs to be seen around the world and Oprah has the right forum for her. She is an illuminating exuberant force. You can feel her presence, always. Not only do they teach you how to be a better, partner, communicator, person etc. they show you and are living examples. Their workshop gives you the tools to have a successful and loving relationship. They create a safe positive atmosphere and teach you how to take it home. The world needs a dose of Hedy and Yumi. I could definitely see Oprah producing the Hedy and Yumi Show. I urge you to take the next step in researching this amazing couple; I promise you will have one of your best shows ever. My partner and I would be willing to answer any questions you may have.

    Letter written to Oprah from Sharon Cappellazo after attending the workshop