FAQs: About Couples Programs

General Questions:

Why is the Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive private sessions more effective than ongoing sessions?

As an experienced couples therapist and clinician, observing and studying couples for 20 years in her dedicated couples laboratory, Hedy has developed an intensive transformational two-day program for couples, called Encounter-center Couples Therapy Intensive. She has found this program to be more effective than the ongoing hourly sessions because she has seen stunning results when couples can keep open and available to learning and growing together over an extended period of time. Hedy has inspired many couple therapists to offer intensive sessions to their couples, and they have reported meaningful results in their work. Hedy is currently teaching an international Master Class to educate couple therapists in her innovative Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.


When is Hedy and Yumi coming to my city or country?

Hedy and Yumi bring their workshop for couplestraining programs for therapists, and training programs for companies and organizations to locations throughout the world, in English, French, German and Hebrew.

Typically, there are 4 workshops for couples and 1-2 trainings for therapists each year in the USA.  Hedy and Yumi travel at least once per year to Israel, France, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

For dates and information on upcoming events near you, view our global calendar.

To make sure you are notified when a workshop or training is scheduled for your area, please join our mailing list and select the appropriate information you would like to receive.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop or training for your organization or geographical area, please contact us to discuss your event in detail.


Is the two-day private sessions very different from the three-day workshops for couples?

The fundamental principles and skills  you will learn at both the workshop and the private session are similar.  However, during the private session, you have Hedy’s full attention and expertise, and she will guide you and your partner in the direction you need to go based on where your relationship is currently.

The workshop has a specific format, and you are with a group of couples.  It is not group therapy, and you do not need to speak in front of the group.  Although the workshop is dynamic, entertaining, and flexible, Hedy and Yumi teach the principles at the pace of the group.


Do you have experience with gay and lesbian couples?

Yes. We welcome all couples, and many gay and lesbian couples do attend our workshops and private sessions.  Hedy and Yumi’s teachings are universal for everyone because the focus is entirely on the relationship, not on a couple’s religion, race or sexual orientation.


Do you provide couples therapy on an hourly or weekly basis?

We provide a two-day intensive session for couples called the Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive. Hedy’s experience has shown that this format is very transformational and more effective for the couple than hourly therapy sessions. Your EcCT Intensive can be in your native language of English, French, Hebrew, German, Spanish or Yiddish.

For more information on this opportunity, please review Private Sessions for Couples and contact us at 305-604-0010 for available dates.


My partner and I need couples counseling. How do I make an appointment with Hedy?

Hedy see couples for two-day private sessions called Encounter-center Couples Therapy Intensive. Your intensive session can be in your native language of English, French, Hebrew, German, Spanish or Yiddish.

Hedy also leads a couples workshop called A Couple’s Journey with her husband Yumi. Hedy and Yumi conduct the workshop in many countries in the English, French, Hebrew and German languages.

Attending the A Couple’s Journey workshop or an EcCT Intensive session is the equivalent of over 30 hours of counseling.


Regarding the Couples Workshops:

We are looking for ways to communicate better, find and keep intimacy. Tell me more about your workshop.

The workshop is based on a number of methodologies including Imago Relationship Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Relational Neurobiology, and the concepts of Martin Buber, as well as Hedy and Yumi’s 52+ years of marriage and their life together.

The workshop is also not group therapy.  Here is the structure of the three days:

Hedy and Yumi teach relational principles and skills.  They will present the first principle and skill with stories and examples, then there will be a demonstration of the first skill with a couple that volunteers.

Then each couple works privately,  spread out around the room, to practice the skill they just learned. During that time, we have relationship therapists who assist us who can work with you, or answer question if you choose to use them.

Then everyone comes back to the group and Hedy and Yumi answer any questions, and then move on to the next principle.  At no time during the workshop are you required to say anything personal about your relationship to the group or other couples.


How do we prepare ourselves for the workshop?

Here are some recommended video and audio programs, and books to prepare yourself for attending the “A Couple’s Journey” workshop for couples:

One important video to watch is Hedy’s 18 minute TEDtalk on “the three invisible connectors:” the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter.

We also recommend the special documentary package which includes the award-winning documentary, “Hedy and Yumi: Crossing the Bridge” and seven audio programs on relationships.

There are also additional video and audio programs in our Media Center.

Below is the bibliography from the workshop manual you will receive at the workshop. Reading any of these books will assist you in your relational journey. Note these are Amazon affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you purchase the book on Amazon:

What if I have to cancel?

There is a $200 cancellation fee, credited towards a future workshop.

If, when you cancel, you are able to reschedule for the next workshop dates, we will simply move your registration into the next workshop.

If you are not able to reschedule for a future workshop, we will refund whatever you have paid minus the cancellation fee. If you register for a workshop in the future, you would have a $200 credit which we would apply towards the balance of your future registration.


What does it cost to attend the workshop?

The A Couple’s Journey workshop is $995 per couple, and includes two manuals, continental breakfast and an afternoon snack each day. Hotel and other meals are not included.

If you have already attended an A Couple’s Journey, an Adventure In Intimacy, or a Getting the Love you Want workshop, or if you are an Imago therapist, you can attend for only $895 per couple.

You can register with a $200 deposit payable by credit card, cash or check. The balance is due two weeks before the workshop begins.


What is the format of the workshop?

The format of the A Couple’s Journey workshop includes short lectures, live demonstrations, guided imageries, and experiential practice with your partner.

While individual couples are working together, therapist assistants are available to answer any questions and assist you.  You are not required to say anything about your relationship while in the group.


Where is the workshop held?

Hedy and Yumi present the couples workshop in many countries including Canada, Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the couples workshop is typically held in Washington, DC and Monterey, CA. We offer discounted group rates for staying at the hotel where the workshop is held. For complete hotel information, please refer to the workshop schedule page.

If you would like to organize a couples workshop, therapist training, or other event in your local area, please let us know.


What is the schedule for the workshop?

There is a continental breakfast at 7:45am, and the workshop begins promptly at 8:30am each day during the three-day session. Workshops end at about 7:30pm. There are several short breaks throughout the day and a 90-minute break for lunch each day. Please note that in most cases, the workshop begins on Friday morning at 8:30am.


I have already attended a couples workshop with Hedy and Yumi. Can I attend again?

Yes, many couples attend our workshop several times. The A Couple’s Journey workshop continues to improve and develop, and thus is never quite the same. Couples who review (attend again) the workshop come back at a different place in their relationship, so that they hear new things and receive a broader understanding of what they heard previously.

In addition, couples who return receive a $100 scholarship.


If any of these answers are unclear or you have a question not covered here, please contact our office

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