Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensives

Two-day Private Sessions that Will Transform Your Relationship Forever

Every relationship journeys to the crossroads of transformation. Perhaps your marriage is in crisis or failing. Or you don’t know how to heal after an affair. Or maybe it’s stagnant, and you long to take your relationship to a new level for the sheer pleasure and inspiration of it.

In private, full-day sessions, international relationship specialist Hedy Schleifer will guide you to reinvent your partnership. Hedy believes every relationship is a living laboratory in which couples help one another on the path to Relational Maturity. She’ll open your eyes to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your connection. You’ll be amazed how these fresh insights energize you and your partnership.

Watch as Hedy explains and then introduces a couples to the Three Invisible Connectors at the beginning of a private session:


Hedy has three main Private Intensive Programs for couples:

  • EcCT Intensive Therapy Session: In the Private Intensive Session, Hedy will guide you to reinvent your partnership. She will re-establish and strengthen your connection and partnership, opening your eyes to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your relationship. You will learn practical tools for dissolving conflict, and how to be your partner’s best friend and healer.
  • Healing After an Affair: The Healing After an Affair program, developed by Hedy, is designed for the repair of the rupture in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together.
  • Constructive Closure: Hedy will show you how to cleanse the polluted relational space that exists between you and your partner. You’ll learn how to release old resentments and experience Constructive Closure—a healing way to end your relationship. When children are involved, this becomes critical. Children thrive, even after divorce, when they’re allowed to have a secure relationship with both parents.

While each EcCT Intensive is individualized and unique to the couple involved, all are profound and life changing.

Below are two episodes from an Israel TV show where Hedy is working privately with a couple. These scenes will give you a sense of what it is like working with Hedy in a private session. You will also find more video clips on the specific pages for the three intensive programs.

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