Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive

Constructive Closure

A Ritual for Saying Goodbye to Your Relationship
with Honor and Respect

A separation or divorce is a terrible time of crisis. The divorce process heightens feelings of fear, guilt, vulnerability, and hopelessness. Angry conflict increases as the relationship ends. Worst of all, the children–if any–get caught in the crossfire.

In private, full-day sessions, relationship specialist Hedy Schleifer helps couples create Constructive Closure for their marriages. She can help you close the book on the anger, pain, and destructive cycle that is the story of your marriage. She’ll guide you to commence a new, productive story for your separated lives.
When children are involved, this becomes critical. Although the spousal relationship ends, your relationship as co-parents will last a lifetime. Children thrive, even after divorce, when they’re allowed to have a secure relationship with both parents.

In a private and intensive, two-day program, Hedy will show you how to cleanse the polluted relational space that exists between you and your partner. You’ll learn how to release old resentments and experience Constructive Closure—a healing way to end your relationship.

Hedy’s ability to sustain contact and connection is contagious. Her wisdom and attunement helped my husband and me talk about issues at depth we had never before experienced. Not a day has gone by when I haven’t been conscious of some aspect of our work together. It was a gift that keeps on giving.

Couples are amazed when Hedy shows them how to dissolve old power struggles. Her compassionate wisdom has helped thousands of couples worldwide see their relationships in a new way.

Through the Constructive Closure EcCT Intensive, couples:

  • Can be friends, even after divorce
  • Learn a new way to be connected
  • Proceed in their lives with added relational understanding and maturity
  • Increase and strengthen their parenting skills
  • Some couples suddenly see the possibility of a new way to be re-connected.

You’ll say goodbye with honor and respect to your relationship and each other. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is.

Constructive Closure EcCT Intensive is a two-day private program. Hedy works with couples from 9am to 6pm on both days. Hedy speaks 7 languages, so your Constructive Closure can be in your native language of English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Yiddish or Flemish. Hedy is primarily available in Washington, DC. She is also available in cities throughout the world.

To find out more information, have all your questions answered, and schedule dates for your EcCT Intensive program, please contact Patty in our office by calling 305-604-0010 or via the form below.