Family Intensive Session

Two-day Private Sessions that will Transform Your Relationships Forever

Hedy offers private Intensive programs for two or more members of your family. Some examples of family sessions are:

  • Mother & adult Son / Daughter
  • Father & adult Son / Daughter
  • Two or more Siblings
  • Larger families are possible as well

In her private, full-day sessions, international relationship specialist Hedy Schleifer will guide you and your family member(s) to re-create and re-discover your connection, and teach you how to help one another on the path to Relational Maturity.

During your Family Intensive, you’ll learn about the “Three Invisible Connectors”: the Relational Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter. You will discover:

  • How to be 100% responsible for the Relational Space between you and to enrich its soil with growing connection
  • How to cross the Bridge to each other’s world, and visit your partner’s world with the curiosity of “new eyes,” and the humility of having a “beginner’s mind”
  • How to establish the “brain-bridge” which causes our central nervous systems to calm down, and are then open to experience our essence to essence connection

You will also learn:

  • Practical tools for dissolving conflict
  • How to create a powerful connection with your mother, father, brother, and/or sister
  • New depth, joy, and respect in your connection
  • Ways to end cycles that cause disconnection and struggle

Every family journeys through change and transformation. Perhaps the relationship you have with a particular family member is in crisis or has been shattered, and you long to bring reconnection, friendship, and respect back to your relationship. Hedy’s compassionate wisdom, enthusiasm, energy, and the sheer power of her beliefs will make your Family Intensive a transformational event.

“I do not have words to describe the time spent with you and the deep, profound work that you did with my siblings and myself. I think there will be a ‘before-Hedy’ and an ‘after-Hedy’ in our group. The work you do is powerful, beautiful, true and loving. It is amazing that you got to do such deep work with us in only two days. Those two days were filled with eternal time, and what we loved and learned there gave me peace in the heart. To have done this sibling journey with you was one of the greatest gifts.”

To give you a sense of what is possible, Hedy wrote about a session she had with a father and daughter describing the unspeakable power that makes a father into a Dad:

The daughter, in her late twenties, made a father/daughter appointment with me for a two-day intensive re-connection journey. She wanted to connect again with the Dad part in her father, and freely experience again the unspeakable power she had experienced in him in the past.

Together they visited the sunny years of a happy, bonded family before the “dark clouds” gathered, a family committed to delightful shared adventures and the simple playful joys of the ocean, the waves, the sun, a lake, a vegetable garden, a beloved dog, and the escapades of three rambunctious, healthy siblings.

Those formative years, cemented between the daughter and the Dad a powerful connectivity and a friendship that nothing will ever break. Nothing will ever break this bond, not even the bad cycle that established itself as a result of the unfortunate events brought about in the darkness.

In her article, Hedy describes the Encounter between a daughter and her Dad. Click here to read Hedy’s entire message of how a daughter’s relationship with her Dad unfolds.

“All fathers are invisible in daytime. Daytime is ruled by mothers, and fathers come out at night. Darkness brings home fathers with their unspeakable power. There is more to fathers than meets the eye.”  ~Margaret Atwood

If you have a family therapist, your therapist can also attend, with your permission, as an observer. This is ideal for assisting you and your family member in continuing the work that you start during your session with Hedy. Many therapists are attending and using it as a training opportunity. Although it is not required, if you have a therapist, we do recommend that you ask your therapist to join you.

The primarily location where dates are available is in Washington, DC. Hedy can also meet you in cities throughout the world. Hedy speaks 7 languages, so your Intensive session can be in your native language if it is one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Yiddish or Flemish.

To receive more information, have all your questions answered, and schedule dates for your Family Intensive Session, please contact Patty in our office by calling 305-604-0010 or via this form below: