EcCT Intensive Session: Healing After an Affair

Two-day Private Sessions Helping You Heal After an Affair

Hedy Schleifer is a specialist in helping couples heal from an affair. She has guided motivated couples successfully from pain and anguish to re-pair, re-conciliation and forgiveness. Couples have said:

“I wanted to express my remorse, but it got messy instead of clear”

“I wanted to forgive, and I did not know how to let go, and let be, and re-connect”

“We both want our marriage, but we thought it had been irreconcilably damaged”

“We want our children to have their parents centered again, and see them healed from the raw, intense sorrow, anger and grief”

Watch this clip from the newly released From Affair to Reconnection: A Couple’s Journey video program, which will give you a sense of what is available during this private session.

You and your partner will be guided by Hedy through the vulnerable territory of productive truth telling, learning how to apply the balm of compassion and forgiveness, and how to build mutual trust for a different future. You will feel safe to explore relational issues that cannot be discussed fully in short sessions. Your Healing From an Affair Intensive session will be individualized and unique to you as a couple, and will be profound and life changing.

Hedy’s compassionate wisdom has helped thousands of couples worldwide transform their relationships.  Her enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and experience combine to assist you in healing your relationship after an affair.

Hedy is primarily available in Washington, DC. She is also available in cities throughout the world. Call or email below for more information.

For MORE INFORMATION, have all your questions answered, and schedule dates for your EcCT Intensive program, please contact Patty in our office by calling 305-604-0010 or via the form below.


Want to learn more by watching Hedy’s new informational program?

The video clip above is part of Hedy’s two-hour informational program called: Recovering from an Affair: A Couple’s Journey From Affair to Reconnection.” Watch Hedy assist a couple with recovering from an affair, by utilizing her Encounter-centered Couples Therapy method in the two-day session. You will discover an original approach that will assist you in recovering from infidelity, and learn how to generate stronger bonds in your post-affair relationship.