Thank you for joining our community of therapists who are taking the first steps towards learning Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.


ECCT-Photo_smallThis video is the introductory DVD in the Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (EcCT) program. The full EcCT program is a boxed set which consists of the video you are watching plus 9 additional DVDs which are the filmed version of Hedy’s two day Intensive session with one couple. Each DVD shows one step of the structure of the EcCT Intensive session. The box also contains a booklet with all the distinctions a Couples Therapist can begin to focus on and deepen their understanding of during the viewing of each segment. Viewing the whole session makes accessible every step and decision a Couples Therapists makes in every instant of the work. It assists the Couples Therapist in looking at what is quintessential in the couple relationship.