Hybrid Couples Workshop / Private Session


A New two-day Transformational Event
for Six Couples

We have designed a new teaching tool for couples: the Hybrid Couples Workshop / Private Session. This in-person event is a two-day learning adventure for six couples. It is a amalgam of Hedy and Yumi’s "A Couple's Journey" workshop for couples, with Hedy's two-day private Intensive session.

It was created to give couples Hedy's individualized attention because:

  • In the Adventure in Intimacy workshop not all couples have the opportunity to work with Hedy one-on-one
  • Some couples have inquired about the two-day private session with Hedy and have found the cost beyond their budget.

So here comes the Hybrid Couple Workshop / Private Session for six couples where:

  • Each couple will receive Hedy's close attention and expertise
  • Each couple will work with Hedy one-on-one
  • Each couple will benefit from the workshop atmosphere by being witness to Hedy's work with the other couples.

Your teaching has provided us with the tools to create a level of connection and understanding that we had previously only dreamed about. We've been applying our new knowledge for only a short time and it has already transformed our marriage with the power of communication!

Among the learnings are:

  • Daily frustrations can be powerful agents for change.
  • Fun, romance, intimacy, and passion can be powerfully rekindled and reawakened.
  • A conscious relationship affects all our connections, including family, co-workers, and especially our children.

So whether your relationship is rock solid, or is shaky as a leaf, you can benefit from Hedy’s personal attention. She creates a joyful, nurturing environment where you can feel safe to explore important relational issues. She will inspire your learning in surprising ways. Her compassionate wisdom has helped thousands of couples worldwide transform their relationships.

Since our magical weekend together, we are still buzzing from how incredible the workshop was, and how incredible you are! We never knew we could connect on the level we did, and now we have the tools to continue to connect in ways we never knew existed! We are committed to continuing our journey with crossing the bridge and thank you again for all you have done for us.