AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection

An essential training tool for therapists helping couples recover from an affair


There are few traumas faced by a couple in their relationship, worse than that created by infidelity. For a couple to truly “re-pair” and move past an affair, powerful and effective external guidance is absolutely essential. During the delicate time following a period of unfaithfulness it is important to guide couples with compassion, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the feelings they are experiencing.

This nine-part training program for therapists is on 5 DVDs, and runs approximately 300 minutes. You will follow Hedy step-by-step, as she utilizes Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, during a 2-day intensive session, for bringing about deep reconnection and love in a couple on the verge of divorce, following an affair.

Are you a therapist who wants to improve your effectiveness when helping couples heal and reconnect?
You may already have experience aiding families and couples through a variety of relationship struggles, but the process of healing after an affair is unique in that it brings forward greater challenges and more intense feelings than almost any other obstacle. Our program will lead you down the path to becoming proficient in the area of healing couples after an affair. It is vital to understand the complex emotions that can be brought to the table by scenarios of unfaithfulness and betrayal, and this powerful training program will provide you with all of the resources you need to become an expert in helping couples heal and reconnect. You will learn how to customize unique sessions that meet the needs of each individual couple you work with to maximize your effectiveness as a therapist.

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What makes our product unique?
This ground breaking program was designed and created by Hedy Schleifer, a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Psychologist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. Hedy has a wealth of experience gained from years of working, training, and speaking about her passion around the world. Through this, she has become an expert in the field of couples therapy and specializes in her uniquely developed approach of “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy”. Hedy’s own personal and professional experiences have guided her to realizing the fundamental ingredients for connecting and reconnecting couples through the kind of love we all innately desire.

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What topics will be covered in this video program? With 300 minutes of content, the “AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection” covers everything you need to know about facilitating the rehabilitation process. The 9 chapters of the program, which take you through the two-day Intensive therapy session are:

  1. Healing After an Affair
  2. The Wildest Dream
  3. The Invisible Connectors and the Amends Journey
  4. Making Amends – The Husband
  5. Childhood and Gifts – The Husband
  6. Making Amends – The Wife
  7. Childhood and Gifts – The Wife
  8. The Love Languages
  9. The Sensual Language

Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge and become an expert in techniques that can help prevent the demise of so many relationships. Become a specialist in healing after an affair with this revolutionary program to bring a new level of expertise and confidence to your professional life.

Are you convinced this is the program that can assist you?

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Also available:
“From Affair to Reconnection: A Couple’s Journey,” a 2-DVD informational set for struggling couples to learn about the healing process on their own. This program is ideal for couples who are looking to approach issues of infidelity or mistrust on their own, and a starting point for couples to seek out assistance in repairing their connection.

Testimonials about this Video Program:


  1. Linda Churchill

    Hedy integrates best practices in couples therapy and embodies excellence in facilitating change. Her training videos are much like her in-person workshops; engaging, enlightening and transformational.

  2. Elly Wynia, LCSW

    I have been watching your videos on Affairs with a colleague. We have both been learning a lot. THANK YOU for bringing more knowledge of your work thru the excellent videos.


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