The Relational Organization

A two-day Training for Executives and Managers in the
Art of Creating a Relational Culture

Many of the challenges that arise in the workplace are created by adversarial dynamics in the relational space between coworkers, which pollutes the atmosphere in the organization.  The ability of a group of people to work toward a common goal depends on the quality of their vertical and horizontal relationships. It is the soundness of these relationship that affect essential workplace factors such as creativity, productivity and motivation.

As a leader, how do you motivate your team to create collaborative alliances and effective channels of communication?


Relationship Builders & Trainers Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, will assist you in fundamentally altering your organizational culture by developing your Relationship Intelligence. They will provide you with a powerful, user-friendly skill set that allows you to create an atmosphere of emotional safety for you and your staff.

The Relational Organization training draws on the collective resources of your people to affect change in the work environment. Along with renewed commitment, pride and passion. These are some of the outcomes:

  • An emotionally safe work environment to dissolve conflict
  • A team capable of making effective, creative co-operative decisions
  • Leadership as a catalyst for sound, impactful relationship-enhancing listening skills
  • Tools to turn mistakes into a launching pad for increased morale

After an encounter with Hedy and Yumi, you and your organization will be transformed. You will embark on the road to excellence!

Read real-time actual examples of what is possible in a Relational Organization


If you are interested in scheduling this Relational Organization program for your company, please contact our office at 305-604-0010, or complete the following information: