Private Intensive Sessions for Business Partners

There is a growing need for organizations to learn and embrace the principles and skills that foster connection and ultimately an atmosphere of comity and co-operation. With this in mind I have created a program for organizational and political leaders, as well as business partners.

CooperationIf you are in a organizational leadership position, or in a business partnership, you might be encountering occasional difficulties in communicating, challenges in conflict resolution, or obstacles in moving forward as a team.

This can have an impact on your personal and work relationship with your associates, as well as have repercussions on the productivity and success of your business/organization.

If you are experiencing doubts about the operation of your business or organization, stress over making cooperative decisions, tension in the day-to-day operations, or a strain in your relationships, it is time to explore my specially designed 2-day program that focuses on Communication Strategies for Business Partnerships.

This hands-on two-day Intensive Program is designed to allow business partners to transform the conflictual areas in their relationship into the cooperative creation of a "Third Option." The Third Option is an innovative, unexpected and beneficial direction for the business, deriving from unsuspected strengths and resources that reveal themselves as a result of productive, impactful communication.

During the two-day session you will learn:

  • The expertise to arrive at a shared impactful vision and mission statement
  • Collaborative strategic processes to make differences of opinions advantageous for your business
  • Powerful strategies for turning frustrations and mistakes into launching pads for innovation

What our clients who have done the Intensive Session for Business Partners are saying:

Communication_HedyYumi_600"We have gone to the next level of productivity because of what we learned about relational intelligence. We are now on a similar platform when conducting business so that we can forge ahead."

"We learned listening skills that dissipate stress and enhance creativity. We can use these learnings to get the best out of the people we talk to."

"If everyone can learn to be relationally intelligent, as a company we can do wonders."


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