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  1. Soo Peer

    There are no words that fully express my gratitude to you for your powerful “Presenting with Boldness, Poise and Confidence Training” workshop. Thank you. You helped me to reclaim my essence, my voice, and my boldness. You helped me to be clear about who I am. You transformed me in only two days. I feel stronger and alive. It was mesmerizing to witness your powerful work to bring out the person within and transform people. You knew what each of us needed and brought out our best. Whenever my downward pull gets to me, I will think about your teaching and make a commitment to shift toward the upward trend. Thank you, Hedy, from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Niyati

    Although the workshop’s official title is ‘presentation skills’, I would say that at it’s heart it is really about how to connect with your own story in such a deep, authentic and contact-full way, that it reaches the audience in that same place of deep connectivity. I connected to my own stories in ways I never had before, which continued after the workshop. I also saw each and every one of the people who came up to tell their story, transform in front of my eyes and get in touch with their true and deep power of connection – from the inside out. A truly transformational workshop, magical on every level.

  3. Katje Wagner, PhD (Portland, Oregon, USA)

    Hedy and Yumi are truly remarkable, both as skillful practitioners and heartful wise beings. My partner/husband and I participated in one of the couples retreats a few years ago. Not only was the experience profoundly supportive for our relationship, I also learned so much as a therapist and was inspired to continue my learning with Hedy.

    Joining Hedy again in this presentation workshop was such a gift! She helped to bend time and take us into a truly transformational portal of experience. I cannot thank her enough. I’m astounded how quickly she helped the group step into Presence, in ourselves and with each other, with humor, playfulness, movement, authentic reflection and sharing. And from those first few moments, it just kept going in incredible ways. She weaves together the wisdom of personal story and practical presentation skills with the practice of “coming home to oneself.” All this transforms what it means to present to a group in ways that create deep and meaningful impact. I cannot recommend this workshop enough! It will bolster not only your ability to reach an audience, but even more profoundly your connection with yourself and those in your midst.

  4. Kimberly Miles

    From the first moment I watched Hedy Schleifer’s TedTalk, I wanted to be as connected, authentic and powerful as she. I got that chance when I attended Hedy’s unforgettable, life changing training. Hedy is a magical storyteller, who nurtures, teaches and encourages us to grow and to develop our own unique style. She affords us the opportunity to engage and connect with ourselves, as well as others on and off the stage.

  5. Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT

    On Wednesday, I presented EcCT to about 40 therapists at a counseling center in Pasadena. I am always so energized to introduce your work to colleagues. Following the presentation, the Clinical Director told me that I am a wonderful and compelling presenter. Thank you Hedy for teaching me both your model and how to present with poise and confidence. Knowing you has changed my career and my life. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

  6. Paul Browde, MD, New York

    Here is an opportunity to spend two days with Hedy Schleifer. I have found my learnings from her to be life changing. If you are a presenter of any kind, or looking to present who you are and what you do in the world, you will be in the presence of a master. She has the capacity to connect with a whole room of people in a way I have never seen anybody else do (and I’ve been in a lot of rooms)!

  7. Holli Rubin

    I had been wanting to attend one of Hedy and Yumi’s workshops for many years. When I finally had the opportunity, I was thrilled with what I learned and experienced. It was such a pleasure and I learned so much.
    Thank you so very much! I have already recommended the presentation workshop to many colleagues.

  8. Vicky McEvoy

    My husband and I had the privilege of doing this course together in the UK. My work is mainly training counselors and psychotherapists, mainly a pastor both locally and nationally. We both came away inspired, excited and hungry to be the best that we can be in our fields of calling.
    Hedy connected us to each other, to ourselves, to her and even to a sense of God. With excellent facilitation and wisdom, she led us into a confidence in our presenting skills and left us with a desire to do as she does when she leads a training group. I recommend this training so highly. Don’t miss it. Thanks Hedy (and Yumi too) for all you pass on with passion, generosity and humility.
    Vicky McEvoy, Dublin, Ireland

  9. Joanie Reilly, Ireland

    I attended your Presenting with Boldness training in New York, November 2016. Yesterday, I held one of my workshops and got one of the best compliments ever: “You reminded me of Hedy Schleifer!” I remember those wonderful few days in New York with great joy. It transformed the way I teach. It taught me how to ‘open’ a room. I am encouraging others to go to your upcoming trainings.

  10. Carla, Miami, FL

    Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend about presenting and for the gift to be there. I’m writing about my next experience of public speaking which happened today. I was hired for a group of 60 people.

    You might remember that I shared with you that as a flute soloist, I avoided to look the audience into their eyes because it could distract me. Specifically the critical looks. Later, as a psychologist doing workshops and speaking, I always had the first 10-15 minutes a hard time to look at the eyes of the audience because the cold expression in the eyes of people I didn’t know -yet- could throw me off. I am super connecting and free when I “feel safe.” But not “being there” the first 10 minutes was NOT good!

    Going through the experience you let me do, with talking to every participant in the circle, telling me to “pause” and TAKE the time, mastering the space so to say, was a more than excellent exercise for me. I felt then that I overcame my problem.

    Today I was supposed to speak for 60 minutes about “Epigenetics; How your ancestor’s experiences can impact your life today.”

    I looked at almost everyone’s eyes and felt very comfortable. The first 5 minutes I saw the cold, staring, emotionless looks… and I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL!!!!! That’s because of your work!!!! Such a gift, and soooo happy!!!

    Thank you for all! I LOVED the weekend and all you shared. Much love, in gratitude, Carla”

  11. Farideh Radis

    We feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to take part at your workshop “Presenting with Boldness, Poise and Confidence” in Aarhus. It was a great pleasure meeting you two in person and experience your warmth, grace, humour and openness, which you share in an amazing way.

  12. Francis Borg

    Recently I travelled to Johannesburg to train with Hedy Schleifer. Not only did I come away inspired by her as a person, but also the things she taught me to apply in my own therapy work are already bearing fruit. Thanks Hedy, I really enjoyed every moment.

  13. Mandi Kauffman

    It is difficult for me to express in words what an honor and a privilege it was for me to learn from you, see you in action and experience your light. This past Sunday I gave a shiur to 30 young moms. I had them singing dancing and celebration life… In your zechus. Not only is my teaching on a different level but I can truly say I feel more alive as a result of our encounter.

  14. Tildie de Villiers

    What a life changing experience to have had the gift of Hedy and Yumi visiting us in Johannesburg, South Africa during the month of August 2017! We loved ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about it! The essential learning I’ll carry with me always is that each of us is ENOUGH – in our own essence! To be joyful and alive and choose to live in the upward trend is what life is all about! Hedy and Yumi – you are both an inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Alys Assimacopoulos

    The Presenting with Boldness, Poise and Confidence training in Johannesburg this month was as always a profound experience with Hedy. So wonderful to see Yumi too. I am still wondering how I will incorporate detailed information into my lectures using this technique but it made me more aware of connecting with the audience. What has most entranced me in what I took away is how connected I feel to each person who shared in walking around the group. I am left wondering as to whether it is content or process that stays with us. Hedy is still the best presenter I know. Perhaps it is in the connecting that we convey the content but I am still trying to make sense of it all. Thank you for your wonderful work in the world dear Hedy and may you have many more family celebrations in the years to come 🙏🏻

  16. Lene Agersnap

    Thank you so much for your presentation skills workshop in Aarhus – what an incredible, transformative experience.
    And Yumi was such a warm, wise and wonderful growth edge encourager!

  17. Camilla Middelboe

    I attended the Presenting with Boldness class in Denmark recently. I work professionally with delivery of training and further education. Hedy’s course was intense and alive from the very beginning to the very end. She was the living example of mind blowing presentation. She and Yumi created the safest space for us to work and develop. It was….magic

  18. Shira Klien

    I have attended the presentation skills workshop in Israel 3 weeks ago. For me it was a profound deep experience that enriched and even transformed my ability to bring my voice and my presence to a group. While before attending Hedy’s workshop I was very good at preparing and presenting a lecture or a well rehearsed workshop and touching the listeners I now learnt also how to “open the room”, how to enable full participation of the audience and to be ready and welcoming of the uncertainty that comes with that. Hedy walks the talk, and I admired the way she dealt with unexpected group dynamic and resistance and learnt how as a leader I take full responsibility to the atmosphere and the space of the groups. I learnt how to speak with the flow, and from the heart and not just from the head. I was so affected by Hedy’s teaching that a few days later I have already presented in a new way and received an amazing feedback, three weeks later I dared singing in public for the first time in my life. That is a big significant transformation for me.

  19. Jacqueline Lesser Faust (Pennsylvania, USA)

    The presentation workshop far surpassed my high expectations! Hedy was exceptional and I was blown away by the richness of the weekend and delighted by all the wonderful people I met. Sharing the experience with my husband added exponentially to the enjoyment. Having had the opportunity to share with the group was game changing for me. I will always refer back to the love and acceptance I felt during that time and it will provide the energy for moving forward. Feeling deeply grateful for the entire experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in opening a room with a heart felt connection to all.

  20. Tanya Martin

    I was lucky enough, to attend the Presentational Skills Training in New York, in February and it was OUTSTANDING. I am a Clinical Psychologist & College Professor and I’m often invited to do Seminars, Workshops, Trainings, Retreats, etc. Consequently, I had a desire to elevate my skills, in the area of public speaking. Fortunately, attending the Presentational Skills Training, did just that.

    Shortly after the training, I was invited to be a Guest Speaker, for a Mother’s Day Brunch, sponsored by a local radio station. Of course, I was honored & anxious to apply what I learned at the Training. Although Hedy taught & provided us with a wealth of valuable tools & techniques, the piece that resonated with me was, “opening the room and filling the room.”
    Whenever, I’m invited to do public speaking, there are always, people in the room, (of course) therefore, the rooms are “full”, but I wanted to obtain the art of “opening” the room & Hedy clearly taught that. I left the Training with an understanding & a desire, to “open rooms”, no matter how many people are in the room. Luckily, I was able to do that when I gave a Mother’s Day Speech/Talk, before 300 women. The room was full and the women were interested in being “verbally fed”, motivated & uplifted. There were 2 other speakers & I was the 2nd person to speak. As I approached the podium, I slowly began to calm, relax & speak. My speech was approximately 12-minutes long & when I was done, much to my shock & pleasant surprise, one-by-one, the women began to stand to their feet & applaud…WOW! When I got to my seat, I was shaking & filled with a great sense of pride, as I said a quiet prayer of THX! to God & to Hedy, for allowing God to use her to “gift” others. What a BLESSING! & did I mention…I was the ONLY Speaker to receive a Standing Ovation.

    Sincere Thanks!
    Tanya Martin

    • Alys Assimacopoulos


  21. Carol Ann Dixon, South Africa

    I watch Hedy Schleifer open the room and from the moment we make eye contact I feel in full focus. I feel seen, valued and connected. She is teaching us about Presentation Skills – a very unworthy title! Within the first hour of a two day workshop the transformation begins. Through the power of connection and Hedy’s gentle but unrelenting attention to every detail of my presence, we are discovering together the edge of my growth. I am not alone. There are more than 30 of us at a beautiful rustic setting at Ducks Country House in Johannesburg. It is the beginning of Spring and the air is fresh and inviting. Nature is calling us to live with joyful abandon. When I take a big risk to step into the open space and test out my capacity to present to the group I feel a combination of nervous excitement, and complete trust that Hedy will catch me just before I begin to fall. I feel like a little toddler in the exploration stage so excited to explore this new world of authentic connection within a group, yet knowing I can turn back and find those eyes sending messages of encouragement, and support nudging me to step fully into my essential being.

    What a gift!

    I am not alone – my husband Richard has been schlepped along – again – to another workshop! He has come reluctantly, and yet very soon he too experiences the power of Hedy’s presence and transformational energy. We experience the unexpected re-visitation in everything within us that cries out to be healed. I watch spellbound as my introverted, shy husband comes alive and steps into his true essence. He slowly emerges as a man of strength with the ability to hold little girls, dushka’s and grown weeping women, and a man who is deeply touched with appreciation for me. With a quivering lip he shares our story with the group. I experience a deep connection with this man to whom I have been married for nearly 30 years.

    I am not alone – as Hedy is teaching, I circle the room looking deeply into the eyes of my beloved Imago family. What starts out as a perfunctory yet heartfelt thank you ends with unexpected joy, deep appreciation and the Tango! We cry together, laugh hysterically, dance together in a co-created jumble of arms and legs, and feel the unforgettable experience of being fully alive.

    I know the theory – that we are wired for connection, I teach it, say it often! However ….. now I understand what it really means, I experience at a deep cellular level what I have longed for. Presenters Skills Training does not adequately describe this experience – it is a transformational encounter for both the presenter and the audience.

    Hedy masterfully weaves her magic by using every opportunity to teach, nurture growth and bring to birth true essence for everyone in the room. The experience is unforgettable at a cellular level!

    Thank you Hedy for bringing this gift to our community. You embody the true meaning of “Ubuntu” – “I am because you are”.

  22. Preben Wolf

    I have been in Denmerk for a two days introduktion for therapist, and the way Hedy and Yumi is present in the movment with us learn me a lot about my own presentnes in therapy and in my life….thank you for a moment of big meaning for me….

  23. Tatiana Diaz (Virginia, USA)

    This workshop could have been called How to live a life, heart first; and I would’ve felt that Hedy and Yumi delivered on the promise.

    They guide us to that tender place before language where our dazzling truth lives. And they teach us to bask there, in that truth. Then… the simplest words emerge. Without artifice, without contrivance. And we experience how our simplest articulation pierces trough, and settles forever in another’s (in countless others’) imagination.

    Because what we speak is, of course, what we are.

  24. Craig Harwood, New York

    Thank you Hedy. What a pleasure it was to spend two days with you. I learned so much about how to be present in a room of people, how to connect, how to facilitate a group. Very powerful workshop.

  25. Soo Peer, Utah

    It was magical to see you and to be part of the powerful community you beautifully created and facilitated. You embody what “to be present and to connect” means. Thank you!

    I am grateful to walk away with re-affirmation that Presentation Skills are not about technical aspects which most of presentation training workshops focus on. You helped me to re-confirm that it’s about being in my body feeling my deepest human essences – the most powerful way to connect with the audience. It’s about one of your key points during the workshop – Filling the Room versus Opening the Room. You have taught me so much and helped me to re-engage and re-connect with myself. With your powerful teaching, I am also re-shaping and re-writing some parts of my book.
    Thank you Hedy from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to seeing you in your next workshop.

  26. Hana Marritz, New York

    I gave my presentation “Re-Membering the Goddess, Her Journey from Divinity to Separation to Unity as Revealed in Art” and it was a huge success! Thanks to your teaching, I was calm, projected well, and really made a connection to the audience. They asked lots of engaged, intelligent questions that confirmed that they were touched. How wonderful! I was loving everyone, just like you do! It’s so infectious and powerful.

    And of course besides this teaching being on a public level, there are the deeper levels of personal connection and transformation. Watching people transform in front of my eyes was a miracle.

    This is all so aligned with my presentation on the Goddess, or Divine Feminine, or the right brain, which processes information through the heart, the intuition, creativity, joy, kindness, expansiveness, music, dance, poetry, and the love of life.

    Thanks too for your touching of my heart and soul. I have been touched by an angel. And thanks to Yumi for being the rock that supports you.

  27. Marla Zipin, Maryland

    It was so great being with you at the presentation skills workshop, and I’m still digesting and embodying the learning. I was truly inspired and notice how much more fully alive I am in my day to day life following the workshop. You do live in my heart and I’m deeply grateful for all that you offer that supports our evolution and maturation.

    Your offering this weekend of wisdom, compassion, love, light, and humor are gifts that continue to open me.

  28. Barbara Glasser, New York

    I fully expected that the effect of the weekend would wear off in a few days, but the effects of the weekend have lasted, most wonderfully so. I have been empowered, energized, and relaxed and calmed by the experience. All at the same time!

  29. Yael Ravid, California

    I am writing to you after this amazing weekend in which I participated in your “Presentational Skills Training”. I am sitting at home, letting all the weekend’s experiences and the emotions they evoked in me run through my body, and I feel like I went through some kind of a magical experience. We always say that it takes two to make a relationship or to break it. It takes two to tango… I say this because I think that the combination of your presentational skills, the warmth that radiates from you, your gentle guidance, your sense of humor coupled with your firm directive… and over all who you are—all of your combined qualities (along with the amazing group of people who participated: all warm, loving, accepting, nonjudgmental, caring and intelligent), made this weekend training so inspiring and motivating. I know that my workshops will be better now as I know better how to tell my story and to make sure that the redemption part will be noticeable.

    In Imago Dialogue we ask: is there more? That is how I left the training, with a wish that there was more…

    I want to thank both you and Yumi, not only for an amazing training but also for what you demonstrate again and again about couple-hood, about being a partner, about the meaning of being married, of being each other’s advocate, and about the meaning of true, mature, and conscious love. You two show all of us that what is really important is not only getting to the last stop on our life journeys together, but HOW we get there as well. Please continue the amazing, one of a kind work that you do for many years to come.

  30. Rita Silverman, New York

    It was magical! I came away with so many wonderful tools from this workshop and found the experience to be very inspiring and worthwhile on so many levels! Really enjoyed every minute of it and the two days flew by. Hedy and Yumi are incredible leaders who certainly give 100%!

    I also want to thank Hedy and Yumi for such a Great and informative weekend! It was so wonderful finally getting to meet them after hearing so much about them throughout so many years.

    I am hoping that they will do more workshops in New York City.

  31. Kim Miles, Arizona

    I LOVED the presentation Skills workshop. It was transformational!!!


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