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  1. Jacqueline Lesser Faust

    The presentation workshop far surpassed my high expectations! Hedy was exceptional and I was blown away by the richness of the weekend and delighted by all the wonderful people I met. Sharing the experience with my husband added exponentially to the enjoyment. Having had the opportunity to share with the group was game changing for me. I will always refer back to the love and acceptance I felt during that time and it will provide the energy for moving forward. Feeling deeply grateful for the entire experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in opening a room with a heart felt connection to all.

  2. Tanya Martin

    I was lucky enough, to attend the Presentational Skills Training in New York, in February and it was OUTSTANDING. I am a Clinical Psychologist & College Professor and I’m often invited to do Seminars, Workshops, Trainings, Retreats, etc. Consequently, I had a desire to elevate my skills, in the area of public speaking. Fortunately, attending the Presentational Skills Training, did just that.

    Shortly after the training, I was invited to be a Guest Speaker, for a Mother’s Day Brunch, sponsored by a local radio station. Of course, I was honored & anxious to apply what I learned at the Training. Although Hedy taught & provided us with a wealth of valuable tools & techniques, the piece that resonated with me was, “opening the room and filling the room.”
    Whenever, I’m invited to do public speaking, there are always, people in the room, (of course) therefore, the rooms are “full”, but I wanted to obtain the art of “opening” the room & Hedy clearly taught that. I left the Training with an understanding & a desire, to “open rooms”, no matter how many people are in the room. Luckily, I was able to do that when I gave a Mother’s Day Speech/Talk, before 300 women. The room was full and the women were interested in being “verbally fed”, motivated & uplifted. There were 2 other speakers & I was the 2nd person to speak. As I approached the podium, I slowly began to calm, relax & speak. My speech was approximately 12-minutes long & when I was done, much to my shock & pleasant surprise, one-by-one, the women began to stand to their feet & applaud…WOW! When I got to my seat, I was shaking & filled with a great sense of pride, as I said a quiet prayer of THX! to God & to Hedy, for allowing God to use her to “gift” others. What a BLESSING! & did I mention…I was the ONLY Speaker to receive a Standing Ovation.

    Sincere Thanks!
    Tanya Martin

  3. Preben Wolf

    I have been in Denmerk for a two days introduktion for therapist, and the way Hedy and Yumi is present in the movment with us learn me a lot about my own presentnes in therapy and in my life….thank you for a moment of big meaning for me….

  4. Tatiana Diaz

    This workshop could have been called How to live a life, heart first; and I would’ve felt that Hedy and Yumi delivered on the promise.

    They guide us to that tender place before language where our dazzling truth lives. And they teach us to bask there, in that truth. Then… the simplest words emerge. Without artifice, without contrivance. And we experience how our simplest articulation pierces trough, and settles forever in another’s (in countless others’) imagination.

    Because what we speak is, of course, what we are.

  5. Craig Harwood, New York

    Thank you Hedy. What a pleasure it was to spend two days with you. I learned so much about how to be present in a room of people, how to connect, how to facilitate a group. Very powerful workshop.

  6. Soo Peer, Utah

    It was magical to see you and to be part of the powerful community you beautifully created and facilitated. You embody what “to be present and to connect” means. Thank you!

    I am grateful to walk away with re-affirmation that Presentation Skills are not about technical aspects which most of presentation training workshops focus on. You helped me to re-confirm that it’s about being in my body feeling my deepest human essences – the most powerful way to connect with the audience. It’s about one of your key points during the workshop – Filling the Room versus Opening the Room. You have taught me so much and helped me to re-engage and re-connect with myself. With your powerful teaching, I am also re-shaping and re-writing some parts of my book.
    Thank you Hedy from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to seeing you in your next workshop.

  7. Hana Marritz, New York

    I gave my presentation “Re-Membering the Goddess, Her Journey from Divinity to Separation to Unity as Revealed in Art” and it was a huge success! Thanks to your teaching, I was calm, projected well, and really made a connection to the audience. They asked lots of engaged, intelligent questions that confirmed that they were touched. How wonderful! I was loving everyone, just like you do! It’s so infectious and powerful.

    And of course besides this teaching being on a public level, there are the deeper levels of personal connection and transformation. Watching people transform in front of my eyes was a miracle.

    This is all so aligned with my presentation on the Goddess, or Divine Feminine, or the right brain, which processes information through the heart, the intuition, creativity, joy, kindness, expansiveness, music, dance, poetry, and the love of life.

    Thanks too for your touching of my heart and soul. I have been touched by an angel. And thanks to Yumi for being the rock that supports you.

  8. Marla Zipin, Maryland

    It was so great being with you at the presentation skills workshop, and I’m still digesting and embodying the learning. I was truly inspired and notice how much more fully alive I am in my day to day life following the workshop. You do live in my heart and I’m deeply grateful for all that you offer that supports our evolution and maturation.

    Your offering this weekend of wisdom, compassion, love, light, and humor are gifts that continue to open me.

  9. Barbara Glasser, New York

    I fully expected that the effect of the weekend would wear off in a few days, but the effects of the weekend have lasted, most wonderfully so. I have been empowered, energized, and relaxed and calmed by the experience. All at the same time!

  10. Yael Ravid, California

    I am writing to you after this amazing weekend in which I participated in your “Presentational Skills Training”. I am sitting at home, letting all the weekend’s experiences and the emotions they evoked in me run through my body, and I feel like I went through some kind of a magical experience. We always say that it takes two to make a relationship or to break it. It takes two to tango… I say this because I think that the combination of your presentational skills, the warmth that radiates from you, your gentle guidance, your sense of humor coupled with your firm directive… and over all who you are—all of your combined qualities (along with the amazing group of people who participated: all warm, loving, accepting, nonjudgmental, caring and intelligent), made this weekend training so inspiring and motivating. I know that my workshops will be better now as I know better how to tell my story and to make sure that the redemption part will be noticeable.

    In Imago Dialogue we ask: is there more? That is how I left the training, with a wish that there was more…

    I want to thank both you and Yumi, not only for an amazing training but also for what you demonstrate again and again about couple-hood, about being a partner, about the meaning of being married, of being each other’s advocate, and about the meaning of true, mature, and conscious love. You two show all of us that what is really important is not only getting to the last stop on our life journeys together, but HOW we get there as well. Please continue the amazing, one of a kind work that you do for many years to come.

  11. Rita Silverman, New York

    It was magical! I came away with so many wonderful tools from this workshop and found the experience to be very inspiring and worthwhile on so many levels! Really enjoyed every minute of it and the two days flew by. Hedy and Yumi are incredible leaders who certainly give 100%!

    I also want to thank Hedy and Yumi for such a Great and informative weekend! It was so wonderful finally getting to meet them after hearing so much about them throughout so many years.

    I am hoping that they will do more workshops in New York City.

  12. Kim Miles, Arizona

    I LOVED the presentation Skills workshop. It was transformational!!!


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