Crossing the Bridge: a four part audio series on transforming your relationships

Crossing the Bridge

An audio series with

Hedy Schleifer

and David Steele of
Relationship Coaching Institute

Crossing the Bridge AND Miracle of Connection:

7-CD set = $60
7-MP3 Download = $39


Crossing the Bridge Individual Programs MP3 Downloads:

#1: Relationship Emergency = $9
#2: Crossing the Bridge = $9
#3: Anger and Fear = $9
#4: Relational Maturity = $9


Special Introductory Package:

Testimonials about this Audio Program:


  1. Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, InnerSuccess Transformations

    CD #1: Relationship Emergency: What you need to know to get back on track

    A deep, inspiring and accurate way to bridge the gap in understanding between couples.

  2. Glenda Urias, College Student and Personal Assistant

    CD #2: Crossing the Bridge: Transforming Conflict into Connection

    I am so grateful and will be for the rest of my life. Since listening to your program, my life and my surroundings have changed. My boyfriend and I had so many arguments about such “little things”… because we were not aware of the MAGICAL BRIDGE, and didn’t know how to honor and respect the “space in-between.” Since we talked about your program, we are more considerate, more loving and caring!

  3. Marianna Morris, Licensed Family Therapist & Relationship Coach

    CD #3: Anger and Fear: Guides to Relationship Fulfillment

    Hedy’s warmth, humanity, enthusiasm, belief and confidence leap through the recordings and caught my husband and I in our hearts, minds and bodies. Listening to the recordings is like walking through a new threshold into the land of possibilities and secure horizons!

  4. Zulma I. Alvarez, CTACC, Certified Life Coach, Inner Authority Mindfulness

    CD #4: Relational Maturity: Getting what you want by giving what they need

    I wanted to let you know the impact your audio program made for me. I use “Crossing the Bridge” anytime I have a conflict with someone. I trust my relationship with my husband will grow to be as loving and spiritual as your marriage.


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